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Re: Serpent in the Rock

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  • Istari
    ... Typical Gnostic rubbish...the Sun or Solar Logos is not the true Higher Power which is THE MYSTERY (Unknowable); it is simply a symbol of The Light
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 1, 2004
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      --- In tt-watch@yahoogroups.com, greg gavin <onelighta@y...> wrote:
      > Serpent in the Rock
      > All civilization on the surface is controlled by
      > serpent power.
      > Speeding through the ground at Herculean speeds the
      > VRIL propelled traveler discovers great subterranean
      > civilizations hidden through the centuries, each
      > deeper than the next, dominating the culture of those
      > closer to the surface. The serpent in the rock becomes
      > the twin serpent of the higher civilization. This is
      > true civilization. This is the apex of pure ignorance.
      > The twin serpent gazes upon the void; seeking itself
      > it falls upon itself. It condemns itself – as the
      > divided brothers, creating turmoil, anxiety, distrust.
      > In Reality, everyone likes everyone.
      > Free from the discernment of phenomena, the man once
      > captured by anxiety now sits in the kingdom of total
      > bliss.
      > This is the freedom of the One Conscious Being. Pure
      > and undivided.
      > The dual heart can not corner the free One, who has
      > made his way back to the Palace of Agartha, where the
      > seal is secured forever. Where only the One in Heart
      > is allowed to enter through the great passageway.
      > At the gateway of the passageway the seeker gazes upon
      > the totem – the dual serpent, who has discovered the
      > hidden clue, the One Sun. The two smiling serpents
      > gaze on the circle of the energy constant of the Sun
      > of the VRIL and obey. This is the way of the One
      > Cosmos. Directed by and through the Central Sun. It is
      > that truth, the Reality for which we all now suffer in
      > this destiny on the surface. The suffering on Earth
      > brought from the many layers of cruelty of
      > civilizations' hierarchies - in the near surface
      > subterranean kingdoms of the planet.
      > Innocently we travel through these places, our hearts
      > full of anticipation. We knowers of Kundalini
      > saturated in the power of the VRIL of deep Mother
      > Earth, have no fear. We are protected. As we walk
      > through the passages of the Inner Earth, we are
      > allowed through the secret passageways. And to the
      > throne of the One of Agartha. All, therein, is the
      > true home. Perfect ecstasy.
      > Escape from the terrors of civilization now prevalent
      > and those yet to come, is found in the depths of the
      > Earth, only once inside the Kingdom of Agartha.
      > Therein, the reign of the true infinite power of the
      > One, beyond all civilizations, is known.

      Typical Gnostic rubbish...the Sun or "Solar Logos" is not the
      true "Higher Power" which is THE MYSTERY (Unknowable); it is simply
      a symbol of "The Light Bearer" in this part of the Universe. You
      sell the pitts of Hell & demonic entities very well Hollow Earther!!

      BTW The "Kundalini Serpent" is NOT meant to be consciously raised;
      this can lead to madness/death & spontaneous human combustion.
      The "Astral Body" is meant to be charged with light from ABOVE the
      crown chakra as this is the only safe way to develop spiritually
      while on Earth. The way of the Mystic is safer than the way of the
      master...in other words let go and let the "Higher Power" work
      through you...don't have the arrogance to believe that you can
      control it or it will destroy you (or rather you will destroy

    • Clipper Ordiway
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      Message 2 of 2 , Mar 1, 2004
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        Members posting privileges removed, settings changed to reflect individual
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        >>Serpent in the Rock

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