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Re: [tt-forum] New Water Storage Product on the market

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  • Troy
    Hi, Thanks for the note on the new product. I ve had something similar for my RV. Although not designed to fit into a bathtub, it s a bit heavier constructed
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 11, 2007
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      Thanks for the note on the new product.

      I've had something similar for my RV. Although not
      designed to fit into
      a bathtub, it's a bit heavier constructed as it's
      designed to be put on
      top of a vehicle and driven around, (albeit slowly).
      And beings as it
      was designed for RV use, is heavy enough to handle
      light treatment
      chemicals being put into the water. I used it with
      our RV to fill up
      the fresh water tanks without having to tow the RV
      around. Simply fill
      the bladder up at the nearest spigot, then drive to
      the RV and gravity
      fill it into the main holding tanks. It's basically
      built like a
      miniature water bed bladder, so it's pretty tough and
      durable. And uses
      standard hose coupling fittings. I would even put an
      RV water filter
      inline when filing to insure the water into the
      bladder was
      pre-filtered. (Which might be another idea; using a
      simple 12v RV water
      pump system with an RV type water filter).

      Anyway, I don't know who makes them, but Camping World
      still has them.


      But in either case, I would say 45 gallons is a lot of
      water, definitely
      not a packable solution, but I know the bladder I have
      folds up into a
      little 6"x8"x4" cardboard box which is portable enough
      to get to a place
      to hold up some water. I've since sold the RV, but I
      kept the bladder. :-)


      ki4hee wrote:
      > While getting ready for this year's Hurricane
      Season, I think I found
      > something that can be
      > a big help for anyone in the path of a Hurricane. I
      saw this on my
      > local TV news and
      > thought I'd pass this along.
      > A company is making a storage container that'll hold
      over 45 gallons of
      > fresh water in your
      > bathtub. It looks pretty sturdy and is one of those
      "why didn't I think
      > of this" type of
      > things, called a HEWS (Home Emergency Water System)
      > Their website is http://www.hewsystem.com
      > According to the TV report, it's a 45 gallon bag
      made from 2-ply food
      > grade polyetheline.
      > It comes with a siphon hand pump, a filler tube, and
      caps for
      > dispensing and storage. I
      > guessing that it could also work outside, in a back
      bed of a truck,
      > ect. Seeing it on TV, it
      > looks real sturdy.
      > I guess the plan is to fill up the bag before a
      hurricane in the tub
      > using tap water. Then
      > you'll have clean drinking water for several days
      after. I fill up my
      > bathtub before a big
      > storm, but it's hard to keep the water from draining
      out and I'd never
      > drink from it, just
      > use it to wash and flush the commode. With this I
      would. Check it out.
      > BobH
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