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FW: water pulse jet turbine engine

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  • Clipper Ordiway
    Information from a reader about steam and steam engines. Clipper _________________________________ He who joyfully marches in rank and file has already earned
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2005
      Information from a reader about steam and steam engines.


      He who joyfully marches in rank and file has already
      earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by
      mistake, since for him the spinal cord would suffice."

      - Albert Einstein

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      Greetings... do you mind if I share this info with our group tt-forum?


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      Subject: water pulse jet turbine engine

      I was just looking at your team work on steam. I have always loved
      steam engines and applications and have been trying to figure out a kind of
      Stirling Engine and Steam Engine cross, using hot air and hot water, etc,
      trying to come up with something that doesn't need a boiler and thus safer
      to operate.

      the best ideas I came up with are:
      1. use a coiled copper tubing boiler fed with a gravity feed and run
      a turbine wheel for power.

      2. I liked Ben Franklin's Water Pulse Jet engine, but can't find info
      on it anywhere anymore. ??? why? anyway I remember it quite well from
      looking at it with a list of his inventions probably 40 years ago.
      essentially it was a boiler, (think 55 gallon oil drum for today's use) and
      a copper tubing coming out of the bottom and looped up over the height of
      the barrel to stop gravity flow of the water out, and back down and out the
      back of the boat. now you light a fire under the "drum, or boiler" and it
      heats up and expands under steam pressure forcing the water out the tubing
      in a pulse. then it recycles and does it again. the hotter the fire the
      faster the pulses. my modification is to bring the tubing up to another
      barrel above the boiler and mount a "bucket turbine wheel" over the second
      barrel and turn that with the flow of water from the pulsed water from the
      boiler. the bigger the diameter of the turbine wheel the more "torque" the
      more torque power to turn things like a generator or alternator, a water
      pump, a mill , or what ever. think about it. a engine a farmer could love
      with one moving part, the water or two if you count the turbine. one
      bearing there at the turbine. wow. why no one ever thought of it and
      published it before? ha. use whatever you can find in the backyard for
      fuel. Cheap? free? don't tell the oil companies they will stop you from
      using their used oil drums. ha.
      not at all, I wish you would.

      also I want to tell you something else. I found a website last year
      called halfbakery.com a place to discuss your "half baked ideas". and that
      is what I saw in their. I saw a note where a guy talked about making a full
      sized "put-put" engine like in the little toy boats, and he was talking
      about using the electric coil from a toaster and a bunch of batteries. I
      told him why don't you put a pot under it and burn twigs and such from your
      back yard and you could put the coils on a hinged rig so you could just tilt
      it up 90degrees and off the fire when you want it to stop. I also mentioned
      the Franklin water pulse jet engine and my addition of a turbine to make it
      into a farm yard power all engine, etc, and you know I checked right away
      and my notes were there. I came back and checked the next day to see if
      anyone had a comment on my comments and the damn site was "down". I wrote
      an email to the webmaster since I had his address since I had to apply for a
      code and password to comment there. He said "our disc ate it". so I kept
      checking back and off and on and about 6 weeks later it was back up and when
      I checked everything was the same but my comments were gone. after some
      thought I realized that the site was probably a trap for people to apply
      ideas and if they thought any were applicable to any practical use they snap
      it up and it will never see light, maybe they will develope it someway and
      patent it. I want my ideas to go freely to the poor people and especially
      the third world countries as those people are rich in ideas and junk and
      poor in resources and money, etc. If you can make an engine out of junk to
      grind grain, pump water and spin an alternator, even if only a bike
      alternator or generator then you can improve life by so much I think. they
      usually have to do everything by hand or foot power. I was in Asia in the
      '60's and I never forgot the pitiful lack of everything there. they are
      intelligent and resouceful with what they have to work with. I seen a lot
      of good ideas in use they cobbled up, and the stuff they made from bamboo.
      I tried to get some growing at my spring last year, but I don't think it
      lived. I have to go down there and look this spring. see if I can get some
      more and try it again.

      with the water pulse jet engine think "coffee pot percolators". that is
      what they are. just a modified use. now if you put a turbine wheel at the
      top of the coffee pot perker and catch the water coming off it you can have
      a little power engine. Now a big plus is that is also provides hot water
      just like the coffee pot. so there is hot water for showers, baths, washing
      clother, what ever. also can be used to heat a room space, put a car
      radiator on the side of the drum and water flow in and out and a fan to
      circulate air through the radiator core and you can heat a room. you can
      also "homogenize " water to be used for drinking where the water may be
      "questionable", possible parasites in it, etc.

      that is some of the reasons I am so excited about water pulse jet turbine
      engines. so damn versitle and no one ever thought of it before except Ben
      Franklin? I don't believe it, I think this technology is being surpressed.
      I can't find any thing about Ben's inventions any more. years ago when I
      was in school I saw plenty about them in the Encyclopedia. What happened?

      thanks for your interest. Darrell,,,still crazy after all these
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