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Mechanical Engineer Position Open in WD

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  • Yu-Min (Milton) Lee
    Dear Alumni,   Please forward your resume to my email box yumin55@yahoo.com if you are interested in this position.    Best Regards, Yu-Min Lee NTHU PME 93
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25, 2012
      Dear Alumni,
      Please forward your resume to my email box yumin55@... if you are interested in this position. 
      Best Regards,
      Yu-Min Lee
      NTHU PME 93

      Job Description 

      Senior Staff Engineer Mechanical Design-03068


      Job Description:
      Senior level servo-mechanical engineer to guide and implement innovative system design strategies for significantly improving resonance control and drive performance.  Work in a leadership capacity in a team environment to develop servo-mechanical systems and components for hard disk drives.  Build and lead cross-functional teams in resolution of complex resonance, servo stability, seek-settle, and head-disk interface issues. Identify problems, generate alternatives, and implement solutions to problems that affect yield, quality and reliability of the product. Take responsibility for systems design such as HSA and work with other team members and disciplines on implementing the design into high volume production. Take a consistent leadership role in resolving cross functional issues and driving teams to root cause understanding.  Mentor and motivate team members. This position takes the engineer through the whole development process from conceptualization, to modeling and performance prediction, design & supplier interface, component qualification, production release, and customer qualification. Travel on occasion to our Malaysia or Thailand manufacturing facilities to provide product transfer and problem-solving support.
      • Lead weekly servo-mechanical meetings to identify and resolve servo stability issues and act as a key servo liaison for the mechanical group
      • Take ownership of a mechanical component design and work closely with FEA and servo teams to resolve issues
      • Solve difficult cross-functional problems related to settling behavior and touch-down excitation.
      • Lead the development of new resonance tracking and monitoring systems to enable efficiencies in the drive development process, yield, and reliability.
      • Lead mechanical failure analysis, problem solving, sub-assembly and component design
      • Manage and prioritize component, assembly, and product level testing and characterization
      • Present oral and written reports and recommendations on analytical findings
      • Operate 3D CAD system, Finite Element, and analytical software to perform design and drafting tasks
      • Apply ANSI Y14.5 dimensioning standards for drawing creation and tolerance analyses across entire systems and assemblies
      • Utilize knowledge of manufacturing processes such as die casting, injection molding, stamping, extrusions and machining to come up with creative volume manufacturable solutions to design problems
      • Utilize Microsoft Office tools to communicate progress to the project management staff
      • Other duties may be assigned


      • Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, or PhD in Mechanical Engineering
      • 10+ years design experience in a high volume manufacturing environment
      • Strong team player that is self-motivated, demonstrates effective oral and written communication skills, and has a sense of urgency to get a task completed
      • Candidate will have demonstrated leadership ability in certain areas of expertise that can be applied to directly solving problems and issues in the team environment
      • Strong leadership skills, able to motivate and drive a team to reach implementable solutions in allotted timeframe
      • Candidate must have an advanced understanding of closed-loop servo and mechanical engineering principles that can be applied equally to failure analysis, problem solving, and component designs
      • Candidate must be proficient with 3D CAD and drafting, MATLAB, application of Finite Element analysis tools, and have exposure to ANSI Y14.5 dimensioning and tolerancing standards plus a demonstrated capability to be creative in solutions to problems
      • Hands on and perform lab measurement, e.g. actuator and/or latch crash stop frequency response, assembly mass/inertia, force/displacement, life, high speed camera, drive crash stop head slap, de-latch force.
      • Candidate must be proficient at applying the concepts of tolerance analyses of multiple part/feature assemblies
      • Communicates with buyers, commodity, development, process, and production teams and suppliers regarding mechanical requirements and assembly manufacturing issues
      • The successful candidate will possess hands on skills with typical mechanical laboratory equipment and assembly tools and will have an exposure to manufacturing processes such as die casting, injection molding, stamping, machining, and other high volume manufacturing methods
      • Must be familiar with the MS Windows environment & the use of MS Office applications such as Excel, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint

      Job Discipline


      Primary Location

      US-California-San Jose


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