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Job posting--great opportunities!

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  • Raymond Yang
    RivalWatch, Inc. (www.RivalWatch.com) is the leading provider of real-time, actionable competitive intelligence in the hot Business Intelligence (BI) space.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2000

      RivalWatch, Inc. (www.RivalWatch.com)  is the leading provider of real-time, actionable competitive intelligence in the hot Business Intelligence (BI) space. We are situated in Santa Clara and well funded by well-known Silicon Valley institutional and individual investors. Our clients include some largest retailers in the country. We are looking for talented people with entrepreneurial spirit to have fun with us in making this company a huge success!

      Position Type: Regular Full Time.
      What we offer: Competitive compensation packages including stock options and generous medical,dental, vision and other benefits.
      What you bring: Quick learning, strong analytical and problem solving skills. A high degree of self-motivation and team orientation. The ability to work in a fast-pace environment.

      Contact: hr@...  HR Dept. 3065 Olcott St. Santa Clara, CA 95054



      The successful candidate will manage a team of software engineers to architect, design enterprise software products. Writes product requirement documents, implements and tracks development timelines. The candidate will be expected to contribute software methodologies, new software module architecture design and implementation experience to current team. Candidate will be asked to support marketing/sales efforts. Requires a bachelor's degree in a related area and at least 5 years of experience with managing and software development in Java and C++, strong relational database knowledge.Knowledge of e-commerce infrastructure, customer relationship management, data warehousing, and business intelligence. REQUIRED:

      1. Experience in building a highly scalable, high data volume Web site
      2. Broad knowledge about Web technologies including Java server-side application, servlet, javabean, EJB and JSP experience
      3. ORACLE8i database design and management experience
      4. Data warehousing, data mining and data modeling knowledge and experience
      5. Hands-on experience in a very dynamic Internet company environment
      1. Engineering management experience
      2. Unix (Solaris), Linux knowledge
      3. Perl, CGI and PHP3 knowledge;
      4. Multi-tier Web architecture design experience5. Artificial Intelligence programming experience
      Designing and developing web crawling automation, web site indexing,search engine, web agent and the data parser.
      1. BSCS or equivalent with 5+ years' software design and development  experience in LINUX/UNIX
      2. Strong knowledge of server-side Java, EJB, Servlet, JDBC,distributed computing, management tool development, and multi-threaded programming
      3. Experience with data modeling and SQL
      4. Very familiar with various web technologies and agent technology
      1. Data crawler or search engine experiences
      2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Mining knowledge is definitely a
      SOFTWARE ENGINEERS (Entry-Level)
      1. Design and develop back-end web automation application software
      2. Develop tools to extract and categorize information in an RDBMS
      3. Maintain and optimize an automated production environment
      1. BSCS or equivalent with one years' software design and development
      experience in LINUX/UNIX
      2. Working experience in server-side Java, Perl, php3, JSP, JDBC
      (ORACLE , MySQL), Servlet and multi-threaded programming
      3. Solid knowledge of SQL
      4. Experience with data modeling
      Recent MS or Ph.D. of Computer Science graduates are
      encouraged to apply if you believe your academic
      background matches our requirements
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