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job openings at Calmar, a pre-IPO fiber optics start-up

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  • John Z Hu
    Hi, folks: Are you interested in joining a hot fiber optics start-up firm? Or do you know any of your friend is looking for this kind of opportunity? Send
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2000
      Hi, folks:

      Are you interested in joining a hot fiber optics start-up firm? Or do you
      know any of your friend is looking for this kind of opportunity?

      Send your or your firends' resume to me:

      John Zhaohui Hu
      BS, Chemical Engineering Department, 1986-1991
      Tsinghua University (Beijing)
      phone 650-938-7299 ext 102


      Calmar Optcom Inc., located in Mountain View (close to HW 101 and HW 237),
      is a fast growing, pre-IPO fiber optics subsystem company.

      Calmar Optcom, Inc. was founded in October 1996. We successfully developed
      and sold high performance fiber amplifiers and high-end optical test
      equipments to many premier companies such as Lucent, JDS-Uniphase,
      HP/Agilent, Sprint, NTT, Tektronix, France Telecom and leading phonic
      research centers worldwide such as National Institute of Standards and MIT
      Lincoln Labs.

      The company is currently focusing on developing next generation optical
      subsystems for the telecom industry. In August 2000, the company raised
      $18.8 million in its first venture capital round of funding from top-tier
      venture capital investors: Bessemer Venture Partners, Crescendo Ventures,
      and Infinity Capital.


      While there are many reasons to join Calmar, here are some key points to
      keep in mind.

      Fiber Optics-the hottest sector - the industry is about building the bricks,
      mortars and the plumbing for the Internet in the 2000�s. The valuations are
      unprecedented with companies being acquired or going public for $Billions.

      Excellent Financing - With $19M in first round financing from premier
      venture capital firms, Calmar is well positioned for growth.

      Broad Customer Base and Great Products - unlike other early stage start-ups,
      Calmar has a broad customer base and products with healthy margin, and is
      even profitable in FY 99.

      Exciting and Rewarding Environment - Calmar is a stimulating and challenging
      place to work. It�s a place to make the greatest accomplishments of your
      career and to be rewarded for that.

      Generous Benefit Package - pre-IPO stock option; 401K program; Life, Health,
      Dental, Vision and Disability Insurance; 20 days PTO; 11 days holidays;
      Flexible Spending Program, etc.

      There is no better time than now to join our friendly, creative and fast
      growing team at Calmar Optcom, Inc. If you are a smart, enthusiastic, and
      creative individual who believes in getting results, send your resume with
      the job of Interest to jobs@... <mailto:jobs@...>. You
      can also send your resume by mail to Recruiting Department, Calmar Optcom,
      Inc., 620D Clyde Ave, Mountain View, CA 94043 or fax to 650-938-6810.


      � Optical Engineers/Managers
      � Electrical Engineers/Managers
      � Mechanical Engineering Manager
      � Optical Technician
      � Director/Manager of Marketing
      � Marketing Communications Manager
      � Sales Engineer/Manager
      � QA Engineer/Manager
      � Procurement/Logistics Manager
      � Buyer
      � Manufacturing Engineers/Manager
      � Technical Training Specialist
      � Technical Writer
      � Manufacturing Technician
      � Recruiter
      � Admin Assistant/Front Desk
      � Sr. Accountant/Accounting Manager
      � IT Support Engineer/Network Administrator


      Here at Calmar Optcom Inc., we're always searching for remarkable
      individuals to join our team and build a better company. And we can't
      think of a better way to do this than to tap into your network of friends,
      family, and associates. If you know anyone who you think is a good match
      for Calmar, please let us know. Through the TEAM MEMBER & FRIENDS REFERRING
      PROGRAM, you could earn up to $3,000.

      For senior management position, Principal Scientist filled by your referral,
      Calmar offers $3,000 bonus. We also offer $1,500 for Product Manager,
      Project Manager, Sr. Engineers, $1,000 for R&D engineers, sales engineers,
      Mfg engineers, $500 for other exempt and non-exempt positions filled by your
      referrals. You can also qualify to receive cool Calmar merchandise,
      including juggling kits, duffle bags, and coffee mugs, for countless hours
      of company-logo fun. (Note: The referring bonus amount is valid through Dec
      31, 2000)

      To submit a referral, list the name, company, title, contact information to
      HR or email to jobs@....

      Only one employee or friend can submit a referral. No duplicate referrals
      will be accepted. There will be consideration for special circumstances -
      referring friends or employees must contact the hiring recruiter before
      applicant's interview date. The following personnel are ineligible for
      referral awards: hiring managers (if the new hire is in his or her chain of
      reporting), executive staff, vice presidents, HR managers, recruiters, VCs,
      board members, employment coordinators.

      Referrals must be employed at Calmar for at least 90 days before we reward
      bonuses. Please allow two weeks after a new hire's eligibility date for us
      to process the referral bonus.

      If a resume or application is received from an outside source (such as
      placement agency, advertisement, job fair, the Web, and so forth) prior to
      Calmar receiving one for the same applicant from an employee or friend of
      the company no referral award will be granted.

      Bonuses will not be awarded for referrals hired as interns, co-ops, or
      temporary employees. However, if they are converted to regular full-time
      employee status, Calmar will award a referral bonus at that time.

      All three types of referrals are welcome, but all need to be submitted to
      (1) Soft copy resume (ASCII) or MS Word file - Resume is in electronic
      (2) Hard copy resume
      (3) Lead - No resume. At minimum, please provide referral's first and last
      name and functional
      area of interest, contact information. Any additional info is
      helpful, but is not required.

      Bonuses and prizes must be claimed within six months of the initial award.
      Awards to employees will be considered taxable income and must be reflected
      on your W-2 form. Payment will appear
      in your paycheck approximately six weeks after the date of employment of the
      referred employee. Calmar�s referring friends should handle the income tax
      by themselves.

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