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Analog and Mixed-Signal IC Design Senior Engineer at SiBEAM

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  • Lixi Wu
    SiBeam is a wireless start-up based in Sunnyvale, California. We have an immediate openings on Analog designers at individual-contributor level. If you are
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2007
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      SiBeam is a wireless start-up based in Sunnyvale, California.  We have an immediate openings on Analog designers at individual-contributor level.  If you are interested or know someone who may be interested in the opening, please contact us – you can email directly to lwu@... (Lixi Wu), bshung@... (Bernard Shung) or hr@....

      We have just closed our series-B funding with strong backing from tier-1 VCs: NEA, USVP and Foundation.  We have a leading-edge technology base and very strong customer support.  For more details about this career opportunity and our company, please visit our website at www.sibeam.com.

      Description and Responsibilities:
      D esign cutting-edge baseband and mixed signal integrated circuits for never before realized multiple Gb/s wireless data-communication. Circuits include analog and mixed-signal blocks such as multiple Gb/s A/D and D/A converters, low phase noise PLLs, high-data rate SerDes, and wide-bandwidth continuous time filters and amplifiers. Further circuits include various lower speed ADCs and DACs, tuning and calibrating circuits, bandgap and reference circuits, I/O circuits.

      The candidate will be responsible for activities from concept, over design, to debugging and validation. He interfaces with cross functional teams and will participate in the development of system integration and testing.

      Candidates must be highly talented mixed-signal IC design engineers and will have a Ph.D. or M.S. (with equivalent experience) in Electrical Engineering.  Strong emphasis on high speed ADC, DAC and PLL design techniques is desired. The ideal candidate will have several years of hands on experience in the design of one or more of the above circuits in deep submicron CMOS. He will have gone through at least one full cycle from design to production. Strong knowledge of CAD tools is expected (Cadence design framework, simulators including spectre, mixed mode simulators such as SpectreVerilog or AMS, ocean, skill, matlab, mathcad etc.) Some hands on layout experience is desired. Suitable candidates are self driven, effective, efficient, thorough, proactive, goal- and team-oriented, have great presentation skills and must be excellent communicators.

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