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FW: Yellow River Cantata concert

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  • Lee, Ching
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 10, 2001
      > Yellow River Cantata Concert
      > Dear friends, have you ever visited the Yellow River, ever seen the
      > towering waves, ever heard the thundering roars of this great and famous
      > river? Would you like to experience the fiery fight between the boatmen
      > and the Yellow River? Would you like to refresh your memory of the
      > miseries the Chinese people suffered during the Japanese Invasion 70 years
      > ago? Would you also like to participate in the battles against the
      > invaders? Please come and join us in reliving that unforgettable and
      > splendid history.
      > In memory of the 70th Anniversary of the Japanese Invasion of Northeast
      > China, (September 18, 1931), as a united action, three Overseas Chinese
      > choruses -- Silicon Valley Chorus, Harmonic Chorus, and Great Love Chorus
      > -- are jointly presenting a concert, "Yellow River Cantata". Also to be
      > performed are "America The Beautiful", "On the Taihang Mountain", "When
      > You Believe", as well as other famous Chinese and American folk songs.
      > Music Director and Conductor: Timothy Ding
      > Piano Accompanist: Jenny Lin
      > Time and Place:
      > Sept. 15, 2001 Sat. 8:00pm
      > Smithwick Theatre, Foothill College, Las Alto Hills
      > Sep. 16 2001 Sun. 3:00pm
      > Herbst Theatre, San Francisco
      > Ticket Sale and Information:
      > If you need tickets, please contact Ching Lee 408-2103151 or email
      > ching.lee@..., ticket price $15
      > or contact the following
      > Admission: $15, $25
      > Nan Hai Co. 510 Broadway, #300, Millbrae (650) 259-2121
      > S. F. Star Inc. 1044 Grant Ave. S. F (415) 397-9708
      > Chinese American Association of Commerce: 778 Clay St. Suite A. S.F. (415)
      > 362-4306
      > Herbst Theatre City Box Office (415) 392-4400, www.tickets.com
      > or Call (408)313-1967, (650) 759-6228.
      > The Yellow River Cantata
      > Music by Xian, Xinghai (1905-1945) Lyrics by Guang, Weiran
      > Xian, Xinghai and Guang, Weiran finished the Yellow River Cantata at a
      > time when the whole of Chinese society was suffering from foreign
      > invasion. Resistance was the cry of the day, and the passionate call to
      > arms, the ring of patriotic fervor that swept the land, became the
      > dominant note in the composer's music. The Yellow River Cantata won the
      > applause of the people, but irritated the invaders. As the Chinese people
      > fought back, this particular musical work underwent the same persecution,
      > the same course of struggle and resistance, and eventually the same
      > liberation. The fate of the Cantata and the fate of the Chinese people
      > are one.
      > In October 1938, after the fall of Wuhan, poet Guang, Weiran led the third
      > resistance opera troupe from Eastern Shanxi Province through the Luliang
      > Mountains, an anti-Japanese base area, and crossed the Yellow River.
      > Along the way they passed through treacherous gorges, raging rapids,
      > reefs, and waterfalls. They witnessed the boatmen on the Yellow River
      > battling the fierce wind and towering waves; they listened to the deep,
      > resounding work songs of the boatmen. Deeply moved by this experience,
      > Guang, Weiran began to write a poem to be called "The Yellow River" after
      > arriving at Yan'an in January, 1939. On the eve of Lunar New Year, he
      > read the poem at a New Year celebration. Xian, Xinghai was present, and
      > upon hearing the poem, was overjoyed. He expressed his determination to
      > create the Yellow River Cantata for the opera troupe.
      > Housed in a crude, earthen cave, the ailing Xian, Xinghai worked for six
      > consecutive days and finished the composition in March. On April 13, the
      > Yellow River Cantata premiered in the auditorium of the College of
      > Shanbei. It was an instant success, whereupon it quickly became known
      > throughout China.
      > The Yellow River Cantata is divided into eight sections, including two
      > solos, one duet, and chorus. The spirit of each piece is effectively
      > introduced by a short recitation preceding the music.
      > <<Yellow River Poster New Right Size.jpg>> <<Introduction_002.jpg>>
      > <<NewsNote_003.jpg>>
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