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Fw: [tamilinix] Uniform Encoding/IMEs for Tamil

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  • Sinnathurai Srivas
    Dear Rajesh, There are three important points to consider about 8bit encoding. 1/ Ther has been a block on all languages that were not encoded (before 1985?),
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2002
      Dear Rajesh,

      There are three important points to consider about 8bit encoding.

      1/ Ther has been a block on all languages that were not encoded (before 1985?), to be standardised under 8bit. Only Unicode is officially allowed since this time.
      Unicode is still struggling to make it through to the computing world.
      Developers are working hard to get the IME for Win 95/98 to work with Unicode. I understand a solution for the Unicode Win95/98 problem is not faraway. (It is working fine Under Win XP)

      It still leaves the Linux, and older MAC with this problem of IME for Unicode.
      The 8bit encoding will still not be officially recognised by International bodies.
      keeping this in mind,

      2/ As for our efforts to standardise 8bit:

      Mostly all who were involved in the effort to standardise, and all coming into the this arena has categorically accepted that it is wrong to have two standards. It is the problem of how to do it and "puunaikku mani kadduvathu yaar".

      It has been a wasted effort so far. The failure is to be fixed by INFITT. Because this body has agreed and assumed responsibility to doing away with two encoding and bringing only one standard 8bit encoding for Tamil.

      The question is not which one is correct or which one is wrong. In my openion having only one encoding far far out weighs the technical superiority of one over the other. In any case, there have been a lot of lessons learnt since introducing TAB and TSC.
      The competing TAB and TSC are not working properly, because they fight one another inside the computer as to who will become the default. Messing up coputers and who ever wants to use Tamil in computers.

      anbar Ganesh, All want something done. But not many is prepared to take action. This is the situation now. I'll forward this mail to INFITT and also ask INFITT to get you over boat to see if you are interested in getting involved with this project. I do not know you. But the content of your message promt me to write this to you.

      The TamilInayam'2002 is being prepared at the moment. It is nothing but bringing single 8bit standard must be the major task at the TI2000.
      Hope everyone is living upto the responsibility.

      Sinnathurai Srivas

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      From: ganesanrajesh
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      Sent: Thursday, March 07, 2002 2:21 AM
      Subject: [tamilinix] Uniform Encoding/IMEs for Tamil

      Dear all,
      I have been a part of this group for about a month. After going
      through our
      discussion lists archive (and of course, through other web sites
      like Infitt,
      Tamil linux, Tamilnet, etc), as a mere enthusiast/end-user with no
      programming knowledge, I find some missing links ;-) in my
      Here are my views/queries. May I seek your response?
      1. I find that there are two encodings followed today - one official
      TAB and
      another popular TSCII. If TSCII is already widely accepted by our
      (internet) users, why did TN Government declare a new one? Is TAB
      any way
      technically superior to TSCII. If so, is it possible for us to get
      to one encoding system now so that browsing/communication may be
      Incidentally, I find TSCII follows iso8859-2 encoding, what does TAB
      2. There seems to be four popular IMEs today. Official
      popular Phonetic-layout (either mylai or anjal), Microsoft supported
      Inscript-layout and finally good old Typewriter layout. Here too, if
      Government has already standardized Inscript layout, why did TN
      propose a new one. It could have rather made few change for the
      letters (like varavu, pattru, etc) in it. The problem is, for
      example, if we
      use Windows 2000 we have to learn Inscript layout and keyboard
      support only Tamilnet99 in order to get certified by our TN
      Government :-(. I
      am not sure whether any standardizing is possibe in this matter
      (like QWERTY
      is popular in India - both in hardware & software). But we can
      convince software manufacturers to support all the four layouts ;-)

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