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New year 2007 - a nice beginning ............

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  • Raman K
    Dear friend, We have gone through another year in our life. One look for better life by way of good health, wealth and happiness at the start of any new year
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      Dear friend,

      We have gone through another year in our life. One look for better life by
      way of good health, wealth and happiness at the start of any new year and it
      right too. Go through the following to achieve what you desire.

      With best wishes from,



      *25 Ways to Improve your Life*


      Introductory notes

      - Health is….

      a disease-free body

      a quiver-free breath

      a stress-free mind

      an inhibition-free intellect

      an obsession-free memory

      an ego that includes all

      a soul that is free from sorrow


      Introductory notes. continued

      - To know for what you are in this planet, find out what you are not
      here for.

      You are not here to be sad

      You are not here to blame

      You are not here to be miserable

      You are not here to worry

      You are not here to show off

      You are not here to get stressed out

      You are not here to get irritated or irritate others

      …..and the list goes on


      - This life is a mystery- beautiful- live it.
      - Living the mystery of life so totally is joy
      - Becoming the mystery is divine
      - You are a mystery
      - When you see life in this context, clarity dawns
      in your mind and your life improves

      Read possible,25 Ways to improve your life


      1. Review the context of your life

      - Look at your own life in the light of time and you will find it very
      insignificant. Awareness dawns in the mind and you will stop worrying about
      little things.
      - Your life reels around your context. Our life, faith and belief
      should be deep rooted, then everything moves on its own.
      - Keep your mind in peace in all situations.
      - Your head will be in mud in a few years; don't put mud in your head
      while you are still alive.


      2. Know life's impermanence

      - Pleasantness and unpleasantness are part of life. See that truth and
      - You don't have to be afraid in life. There is always support.
      - If you are awake, then you see there is foolishness. Topics of
      discussion change frequently depending on one's interest in a group.
      Likewise, life's priorities change often and again.
      - With Wisdom, your life improves.


      3. Make your smile cheaper

      - A research states that a Baby smiles 400 times a day; an adolescent
      17 times and an Adult does not smile at all.
      - You should smile more. Every day, Every morning.
      - Once you are rid of your 'feelings' you can be happy.
      - Take a challenge: " Come what may, I am going to smile today and be


      4. Be enthusiastic and praise others

      - Enthusiasm is the nature of life
      - Take every opportunity to praise others and support their enthusiasm
      - If you feel down, appease and please yourself
      - Become one whose enthusiasm never dies


      5. Make meditation a part of your life

      - Mind without agitation is meditation
      - Mind in the present moment is meditation
      - Mind that has no hesitation, no anticipation is meditation
      - Mind that has come back home, to the source, is meditation
      - Mind that becomes " no mind" is meditation
      - Deeper you are able to rest, dynamic you will be in activity.


      6. Go to the most beautiful place

      - Cultivate the habit of listening to improve alertness and presence
      of mind.
      - To cultivate the habit of listening, you have to 'go' to a place
      where everything is beautiful.
      - The most beautiful place is within you.
      - Learn the beauty of our own breath. It has a great lesson to teach
      - Also, take a week's off in every year –relax.


      7. Communicate effectively

      - Communicating without prejudice is vital for success.
      - If you are faced with someone who knows more than you, be like a
      child and keep your ears and eyes open for learning.
      - If you are faced with someone who knows less than you, be humble and
      strive to make them as good as or better than you.
      - The world is varied beyond our imagination, and there is always
      something to share, learn and teach.


      8.Take out time for yourself

      - A few quiet moments are sources for creativity.
      - Sometime during the day, get into the cave of your heart, eyes
      closed and kick the world away like a ball.
      - Renunciation refills your energy
      - Creativity springs up when you are relaxed.
      - Taking some time for yourself improves your quality of life.


      9. Better the world around you

      - Energy in our life needs direction to flow. For life energy to move
      in a direction, commitment is essential.
      - Greater the commitment you take, greater the resources that come up
      - Commitment will always bring comfort in the long run.


      10. Nourish your emotions

      - A person without emotions is like a fruit without any juice.
      - The way to expand from individual to universal consciousness is to
      share others' sorrow and joy.
      - Silence heals and rejuvenates.
      - Pain is inevitable in some situations. But, suffering is optional.
      Former is physical; latter mental.
      - When you bring some relief or freedom to someone through *seva*,
      good vibrations and blessings come to you.
      - When you sing and pray from your heart, your emotions are nourished
      and you become 'lively'.


      11. Plan short and long-term goals

      - Planning your short term and long term goals is important for
      setting the direction of your life to flow.
      - Do not make a list of all the things you want to achieve. Select few
      things that really matters.
      - Among all planets in the solar system, the earth is privileged to
      host life in its many forms, and, among all the species, humans are the most
      privileged, for, they can host knowledge.


      12. Prayer is a vital tool

      · Prayer is a vital tool to improve your life.

      · It also nurtures values like integrity and honesty.

      · Divine dawns in you when you pray for it, when you cry for it,
      when you sing for it.

      · Spirituality is not some ritual, or doing something. It is very
      pleasant, uplifted state of being and seeing that the whole world is all
      spirit and consciousness.


      13. Implement Changes if needed

      - Sorrow simply means that *viveka* (discrimination) is overshadowed.
      - *Viveka* means knowing that everything is changing
      - Change is inevitable in many fronts though security is hooked on to
      - You need the courage to implement changes whenever it is necessary.
      - Life is a combination of change and non-change.


      14. Identify your limitations

      - You are peaceful, you are joyful, you are happy as long as you have
      not come in contact with your boundaries; your limitations.
      - Every time you are unhappy or miserable, that is when you are coming
      in touch with your own boundaries, turn the whole situation into a prayer-
      " Let there be peace, not just in me but in every body"
      - In Hindi, love is written in two and a half letters. The real
      knowledgeable person is one who has studied these two and a half letters


      15. Do not lose your friends

      - To correct mistakes of others you need authority and love. Authority
      without love is stifling. Love without authority is shallow. Right balance
      is important.
      - Don't make mistakes by pointing out mistakes.
      - A magnanimous person will not pick on the mistakes of others and
      make them feel guilty; he will correct them with compassion and care.


      16. Don't look for perfection

      - If you are too much of a perfectionist, you are bound to be an angry
      - In a state of ignorance, imperfection is natural and perfection is
      an effort.
      - In a state of wisdom or enlightenment, imperfection is an effort;
      perfection is a compulsion and is unavoidable!
      - When we are joyful we don't look for perfection.If you are looking
      for perfection, you are not at the source of joy.
      - In this world, everything can not be perfect all the time.


      17. Let us be unpredictable

      - We often behave like machines. A compliment makes us smile and an
      insult makes us frown.
      - We don't have to react in the same way always. You have the freedom
      to respond differently.
      - You don't have to answer all the questions posed to you. As people
      have right to question, you have the right whether to answer or not.
      - So, be unpredictable!


      18. Have a sense of humour

      - You are endowed with certain naughtiness as a child. Keep it alive.
      - Humour will grease all tough situations. In a society torn with
      humiliation and insult, humour is like a breath of fresh air.
      - Humour should be coupled with care and concern.
      - The wise use humour to bring wisdom and lighten situations.


      *How does one cultivate a sense of humour?** *

      - *Humour is not just words, it is the lightness of your being. You
      don't have to read and repeat jokes** *
      - *Taking life not too seriously** *
      - *Having a sense of belongingness with everybody; including those who
      are not friendly.** *
      - * Practicing yoga and meditation** *
      - *Having unshaken faith in the laws of divine and laws of karma** *
      - *Being in the company of those who live in knowledge and are
      humourous** *
      - * A willingness to be a clown.** *


      19. Don't be afraid to make mistakes

      · Every time you try to defend your position, it makes you more and
      more weak. Drop all your defenses; and you will be strong.

      · Mistakes of the past are past. When this knowledge comes you are
      again perfect.

      · Knowledge of the self, truth and skills can bring out the best in
      you. So, don't be afraid to make mistakes, but not the same mistakes.


      20. Overcome your prejudice

      - Prejudices are possible in every dimension, say,
      - Gender
      - Religion
      - Caste
      - Class
      - Age
      - Your prejudice will not allow you to mingle with
      everyone around you.
      - When you overcome prejudice, you will be very natural, and your
      quality of life will improve.


      21. Feel that " I am blessed "

      - Success is simply ignorance of one's capabilities.
      - Know that there are no failures in life and those seeming failures
      you come across are actually stepping stones for greater successes.
      - If you feel the obstacle is too much, deep prayer can work miracles.
      - The feeling that " I am blessed" can help you overcome any failure.
      - Once you realise that you are blessed
      - All the complaints disappear
      - All the grumbling disappears
      - All the insecurities disappear
      - A sense of not being loved disappears
      - Wanting love disapears
      - Behind every success, there is a Divine saying " I am
      behind you"


      22. Do random acts of kindness

      - Spirit is the valentine of the matter, and the matter is the
      valentine of spirit. They are made for each other.
      - You are the Christmas tree. Anyone who comes to you, you offer them
      your gifts.
      - You don't have to plan for acts of kindness. Just do something


      23. Be a student always

      - Knowledge may come to you from any corner. Each occasion teaches you
      and each person teaches you.
      - When you are always looking to learn, you will stop underestimating
      others. Humility will dawn into your life.

      [ Remember, the nice story of the Grandson suggesting his grandparents
      living in the outhouse, to be careful to preserve their plate and chair,
      indicating that what has happened to them will happen to his parents too]


      24. Dream the impossible

      - Every invention has come out of a dream.
      - We are all born in this world to do something wonderful and unique;
      don't let this opportunity pass by.
      - Give yourself the freedom to dream and think big.
      - Have the courage and determination to achieve those dreams that are
      dear to you.
      - Do something creative. Not a year should pass without doing
      something creative.


      25. Compare your performance

      - Learn and unlearn from the past.
      - In the past year
      - How many days were you in *Sanyas*?
      - How many days were you struggling, being caught in
      - Do not run away from anything. Do not reject anything.
      Do not go away from anything. At the same time, let your attention be on the
      self. This is a delicate balance. That balance is *yoga.*
      - Compare your performance in the year before last. Are you richer
      than that this year?
      - The year 2007 is fortunate because you are living at this time! When
      you are living for the sake of the world, the world is fortunate. Let time
      celebrate your presence!


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