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Fwd: pass on the news..... and repeatedly

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  • Venkatram Shrinivas.
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      Subject: pass on the news..... and repeatedly
      Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2006 15:23:09 +0530


      You might be aware that free basic version of azhagi [one's "friendliest" and most Sophisticated Tamil transliterator] is available at http://azhagi.com/free.html for download and registration. Except 'Direct transliteration/typing' in external windows applications, one can do all - type, save, print, email, conversion to unicode, children's keypad, tamil'typewriter input mode etc. Both 'dual screen' and 'single screen' interfaces available. This free version is not a time-restricted or characters-restricted version. The only thing is - they have to re-register whenever they format or buy a new machine. The registration process is so.... simple. One has to email a registration number. Thats all.

      A gist of the features available are hereunder and in detail at http://azhagi.com/freefaq.html


      Effect Dual Screen Transliteration - 'First of its kind'.
      Effect Single Screen Transliteration.

      3 input modes - phonetic, typewriter and tamilnet99.
      Fast and Easy Unicode conversion in plain text mode.
      'Find' utility.

      Create documents in Tamil, which are readable and printable from MS-Word.
      Email in Tamil. One-click button to email thru Outlook Express etc.
      Print and Publish in Tamil.

      Copy/Paste the Tamil text to any other application like Excel, Powerpoint etc.
      Effect Mixed-text typing (English and Tamil inter-mixed).
      Learn/Teach Tamil with a Tamil keypad.


      Without fail, please pass the news on to ALL..... and repeatedly.

      If anybody asks the difference between Azhagi and other softwares and why Azhagi is "special", you may choose to refer them to http://azhagi.com/easy.html and http://azhagi.com/unic.html. Things are clearly explained therein.

      Azhagi's clients list is at http://azhagi.com/clients.html, press reports at http://azhagi.com/press.html and manthanaward link at http://manthanaward.com/AZHAGI.asp.

      Humbly yours

      Azhagi (azhagi.com) - Your "Friendliest" Tamil Transliterator. So simple and EASY to use. Fast & Flexible. Uncomplicated, straightforward, 100% phonetics-compliant English-Tamil Transliteration scheme. Type in English, get in Tamil - in ANY windows application. Unicode-Powered. DTP - Email - Chat - WebHost in Tamil, with EASE......

      azhagi.com, contact@..., 91-44-42024669, 0-98403-39750

      Do you Yahoo!?
      Everyone is raving about the all-new Yahoo! Mail.

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