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GRAY HAIR CURE: Blackstrap Molasses !!!!

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    From: _yumnahzuel@yahoo.com_ (mailto:yumnahzuel@yahoo.com) Natural Cures to Stop or Reverse Gray Hair #1 Cure: Blackstrap Molasses 4 YEA 2 Nay 2/24/2007:
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      Natural Cures to Stop or Reverse Gray Hair

      #1 Cure: Blackstrap Molasses

      4 YEA   2 Nay

      2/24/2007: Mary from Dayton, OH writes, "After reading here about black strap molasses and gray hair, I have been taking 1-2 tablespoons in my coffee each morning for a little over three months. I tried it in hot water and it was horrible. In coffee, it taste like a latte, and after getting used to it, I look forward to it every day. The first two months I noticed a difference, but wondered if it was my imagination or wishful thinking. Now at three months, I would say the gray is 70% gone, and my stylist is absolutely amazed. The white patch above my forehead is gone completely. I'm 40 yrs old, and was starting to gray rapidly, it was costing a fortune to keep covered. The first 2 months, my hair grew so fast, that the gray was showing quicker, but I'm glad that I stuck with it, the little bit I have left is hardly noticable, and I am hoping that in time, it will all be gone. I am so thankful that I read about this on your site, and will be taking it for the rest of my life. I have also noticed an increase in energy, and believe it to be the molasses also. Thank you!"

      12/29/2005: Patty, from Bartow, FL writes, "Using blackstrap molasses, along with brewer's yeast and wheat germ, completely reversed the graying that had took hold of my dark brown hair. You could actually see individual strands that were gray/white turning brown again!"

      Guilda, from New Zealand writes, "Have just finished reading an old book on molasses and it contains not only most minerals our body needs but also all Vit.B complex properties and it is B2 to stop graying hair. Extremely beneficial for good health."

      11/25/2006: Venice from Atlanta, GA writes, "2 tablespoons of blackstrap molasses cured gray hair. ENERGY BOOST.  It took several months, but my gray hair along my hairline has begun to turn brown! IT WORKS! It's also a great energy boost. I'm a 40 year old female who weighs 120, and I leap out of bed. No aches; no pain. I have no health complaints because I use the following on a daily basis: blackstrap molasses, apple cider vinegar, yerba mate tea, cayenne pepper, cod liver oil, and MUCH PRAYER."

      Reader Question: Wanda from Philadelphia writes, "Can you tell me how much blackstrap molasses, brewer's yeast and wheat germ I need to take? Thanks."

      4/9/2006: Patty responds -- "My comment is to Wanda and everyone else who wanted to know how much molasses, brewer's yeast and wheat germ to use to reverse gray hair. I do AT LEAST 3 TBS of each per day. Also, I do ABSOLUTELY NO REFINED SUGAR, FLOUR OR OTHER MAN-MADE JUNK! Eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, seafood, plain yogurt, organic eggs and flax seed oil. It takes time, and the hair that is already gray WILL NOT recolor. It must be cut off as new, colored hair replaces it. Hope this is helpful. GOOD LUCK!"

      4/2/2007: B writes, "Hi, i am a 30 year old male and have a lot of gray hair .i got hold of the earthclinic site and read about black strap molasses,brewers' yeast and wheat germ that if taken together they can reverse the greying to it's original color.i live in virginia USA and was wondering where can i get all three of them and how to take them daily in what dose? i'd appreciate if you reply back with the info."

      Ted replies, "A reasonable dose for black strap molasses is about two teaspoons, with plenty of water. Brewer's yeast about 10 grams/day, wheat germ about any amount, but minimum is about 20 grams.

      It is important that sodium ascorbate vitamin C 1000 mg x 3 times a day is taken. It takes about 3 months to notice clear improvement. Vitamin B complex is taken too, but I think once or twice a week is more ideal.

      Two or three tablespoon Cocoa powder mixed in drinks is helpful and should be taken everyday as it is high in copper and vitamin C will help its absorption. To prevent imbalances of copper and zinc taking 50 mg zinc gluconate once every two weeks should be sufficient.

      I have as yet to perfect this, but then my white and gray hair are barely visible now. Bangkok the drinking water is quite high in copper, so merely taking vitamin C would do the trick, but in other areas cocoa may need to be added."

      S from Boston, MA writes, "Hi. Not sure if I the odd ball on the planet, but, the molasses concoction to reverse grey hair DOES NOT WORK. I have faithfully been taking 2 TBS spoons daily since july 4th.....still have gray hair at the roots"

      1/31/2007: Carly from Windsor, NH writes, "Hi, I have been reading all the information about taking blackstrap molasses along with wheat germ & brewers yeast to help turn gray hair back to original color. I too am way too young for gray hair. I just turned 29 and I have tons of gray underneath & it keeps coming to the surface. My siblings also have gray hair at such a young age(none of us are even 30 yet) What does cause gray so young? We are all frustrated to the hilt with having to deal with this. I think everything is just a scam and makes people go crazy so just do what everybody starts doing once the gray starts coming.... start going to Miss Clairol, that will help a whole lot better than having to use all these things and just hoping that it will work a miracle. C'mon, its just normal food."

      Our Bangkok contributor Ted responds: "Dear Carly: Wheat germ, molasses, and brewers yeast (vitamin B13) are classic home remedies for gray hair, but so is fulvic acid, sodium ascorbate and manganese.

      The cause of gray hair is a deficiency of certain vitamin B complex, along with B13 from brewer's yeast, manganese and vitamin C.

      A much simpler remedy is sodium ascorbate vitamin C, which helps the body increase manganese absorption and taking vitamin B complex as a supportive measures works. Just remember, 10 years ago, I had gray hairs and I am now 49 years old and now hardly have any gray hairs. No secret. Just taking plenty of sodium ascorbate, vitamin B complex and manganese when I need too. My personal theory is that dogs don't get gray hairs like human because their liver can produce as much vitamin C as they want. Besides, most people I know with premature gray hair hardly eat any fruits either. Gray hair doesn't run in the family, I think it is the bad diets that does. Ted"

      Click here to read much more about molasses!

      1/19/2006: Anjuli, from Boise, Idaho writes, "The Indian gooseberry Amla is ground into a powder, once mixed with water and massaged into the scalp regularly will help keep hair from going grey. Amla powder is available at Indian specialty shops. Also a mix of coconut oil and lemon are beneficial."

      Eric from KC writes, "Just a question about the amla powder. Do you use it after shampoo/cream rinse? And can it be mixed with the coconut/lemon suggestion you have down there also? And will it get rid of the grey you have already as new grows? Thanks and if this doesn't work, what other ones actually work? No one replies with any positive feedback?"

      11/20/2006: Saf from the Birmingham, UK writes, "Hi I'm writing about the posting pasted above. I've been researching into Amla powder. Amla is also known as the 'Indian Gooseberry' (Emblica offinalis) and has been used in India for hair for hundreds of years. It has a very high content of Vitamin C. I would say that it's more of a preventative measure than a cure for grey and falling hair.

      Anjuli suggested Lemon and Coconut oil. If you wish to use these, you could definitely mix the Amla powder (available at Tesco supermarket in the UK as well as many asian/Indian grocery stores), into the oil mixture. Some of it will dissolve and there will be a grainy residue.

      A lot of vegetable oils are very good for both the Skin and Hair. They are saturated with vitamins and nutrients. You can mix them together too and also use the purest essential oils. I find the following oils very good for the hair: Olive, Shea Butter, Mustard Seed, Coconut, Jojoba, Sweet Almond Oil and Thistle Oil.

      Essential oils that you can mix into the blend of oils include Ginger, Rosemary, Lavender, Cedarwood, Benzoin, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang. Only ever use the most purest essential oils.

      If you add 5% Vitamin E Oil to the blend it will help keep it from going rancid for longer. Store the oil away in a cool place away from sunlight.

      You can mix amla power into the oil when you dispense a little to use it.

      Use the oil as an overnight conditioner by massaging well into the scalp and and hair. Wash it out in the morning. If you can't do this then massage it into the scalp and hair and leave it in for as long as you can even if it's only 15 minutes before a shower.

      When it comes to washing out the oil. Massage shampoo into your hair first and add a tiny bit of water. If you wet hair first, it will be difficult to get the oil out.

      A recipe for intensive oil treatment: 24.5ml Thistle Oil, 24.5ml Olive Oil, 3ml Vitamin E Oil, 0.5ml Vitamin A Palmitate, 50 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil, 30 Drops of Grapefruit Essential Oil and 20 drops of Ylang Ylang.

      Or you can replace the above Essential Oils in the recipe by using the following instead: 15 drops of Ginger Essential Oil, 60 drops of Lavender Essential Oil and 15 drops of Cedarwood Essential Oil. Although the oils will improve the condition of your hair and stimulate the hair follicles and your scalp there is no guarantee that they will make new hair grow or get rid of gray hair. It may however help prevent an early onset of hair loss.

      Hope this helps. Good luck and God Bless. Saf x"

      Earth Clinic responds: Thank you, Saf!

      #3. LUGOL'S IODINE
      10/4/2006: Bob from Gladstone, OR writes, "I use Iodine - Lugol's Solution: My grey hair and my dog's grey hair both are going back to our natural color. We've been taking in for 6 weeks now. I am 200 pounds and am taking 8-10 drops of Lugol's daily. My dog, at about 100 pounds, gets 4-5 drops daily."

      Reader question:
      Maria, from Seattle, WA writes, "Several years ago I read an article about a product that was mainly iodine & one of the things that people took it for (internally) was to get the gray out of their hair & restore it's natural color. Have you ever heard that taking iodine will bring back the natural color to one's hair?"

      Bob, from Murphy, NC confirms; "Yes, I've heard of iodine supplements restoring some hair color from WAY BACK in the DARK ages of 1950's I think the article was in a 'Prevention' Mag."

      Read many more iodine cures here.

      #4: BEE POLLEN
      3/6/2006: Mary from Nevada City, CA writes, "My husband and I started taking bee pollen over twenty years ago, we are both now in our fifties. We have our full hair color, but it seems like most of our friends are grey - or dye their hair. Many female friends 5-12 years younger tell me that they are more than half grey - so they dye to cover it. I've read that bee pollen sometimes restores color to grey hair. So I be live it is possible. we just feel happier and healthier on it - so we've kept it up. We let it slip this winter and then I got that wicked cold that is going around - the long one."

      4/15/2006: Devonia, from Bendl, IL writes, "For gray hair try copper and zinc supplements. "

      Anriceous from Dublin, CA writes, "Copper did not work. Us guys got it easier: Keep hair cut real short and cut those grays out. Too many? Try the "Mr. Clean" Look hehe."

      #6: MELANCOR
      Bertha from Phoenix writes, "I have had lots of gray hair since I was around 25. Last year, I bumped into "Melancor" and decided to give it a try. I had read Adelle Davis's books where this great woman explained how certain B vitamins and a good diet can restore natural hair color. When I read about Melancor and its formula I decided to buy it. I started taking it as prescribed and , in about a month, I could see about 30% or more of my hair recover its natural color. I stopped taking Melancor for about 8 months in order to see whether my hair color stayed the same and... IT HAS!. Now I am thinking of going back to Melancor in the hope that I will be able to get more hair restored to its original color."

      NAY for Melancor
      9/14/2006: D from Bloomingdale, IL writes, "I used Melancore for 1yr and it did nothing for my hair! I'm way too young for gray hair, and it only got worse throughout the year. It has a money back guarantee but when you contact them they will not email you back or tell you that you have to speak with another dept but they cant contact you with them or give you a number. Its a SCAM! DO NOT BUY MELANCORE!"

      #7: Vinegar
      1/18/2007: Kathy from West Salem, IL writes, "My mother always was into the pickle jar. She loved vinegar. She really never got grey hair because of this .so folks, eat the pickles if you want to keep grey away. Myself I began using soy protein and one day after washing my hair my daughter commented "Why are you dying your hair." I had just washed it ..so this was a surprise to me to find that soy powder had done this. I also was using B complex so maybe that combination had some benefits too."

      6/28/2006: Patti from Marietta GA writes, "I have a cousin who is 96 years young. Since she was a young girl she has drank a mixture of apple juice, ACV and honey every day, once a day (about a cup). Her hair is a light brown - NO GRAY AT ALL!! It was always a medium brown until she turned 90! She told me years ago to drink this and I didn't - I wish I had listened!!'"

      8/3/2006: Dauri from Idaho asks, "Patti, please tell me how much of the apple cider vinegar and honey and apple juice were in the 1 cup of the total mix that your 96 yrs young cousin used.... I do want to try it, thanks."

      12/24/2006: Charlane from San Antonio, TX writes, "Granny was spot on with the apple cider vinegar. She was pH balancing. You can get the same effect but eating an orange or drinking lemonade everyday. You can supplement with 500 - 1000 mg. of vitamin C but this will work to counteract all of that acidic coffee, chocolate, sausage, etc. that we eat regularly. Yes, citrus is acidic but it ALKALINIZES the blood. If you pH is at least 7, you will never get cancer or a fever or a cold either. It works. Just do a search on the internet for pH diet and check out the lists of foods. BTW, I use honey everyday. In addition to being a perfect food, local honey keeps you from getting allergies with bees being kind enough to collect pollen from all of the nearby plants. I never get sick anymore either."

      #8: Chlorophyll
      8/1/2006: Ryein from Michigan writes, "Gary Null says to drink chlorophyll every day. That's what he does and doesn't seem to have a gray strand of hair on his head. I'm going to do that and I let you know how it works."

      #9: Inhaling Hydrogen Peroxide
      8/27/2006: Martin from Alameda, CA writes, "I used Bill Munro's inhalation remedy a while back. First thing I noticed was my hair was turning back to brown, from being silver/brown. Also noticed after taking it for the first couple times, when I breathed in, it felt like for the first time I was using ALL of my lungs. This is a VERY WEIRD FEELING ! It's as if your whole life you're only using half your lungs. One thing I want to add. Walgreens may not use stabilizers in their 3% Hydrogen Peroxide. If you look on their label, its not listed on there. All the other brands list stabilizers. I'm hoping that means they don't add stabilizers. Maybe other people can comment on this. Anyway, I stopped using the remedy, but only because I got lazy. But now looking at the sliver creeping back into my hair, my ego and vanity will take over and put me back on the regime. Sigh........ .Oh well at least I'll beat all my competition on the tennis courts. Via condias Amigos. ----------- Ps. Another amazing cure for everything from Fibromyalgia to cancer is Glyconutrients. Look it up on the net."

      #10: White Potatoes
      Doug from Phoenix, Airheadzona writes, "It's an Edgar Cayce remedy and it truly works to cure grey hair. Peel the skins of 2 white potatoes and tie them up in patapar paper. Put them in a pan and let boil (just a slight boil) for 12 to 15 minutes. When done, let it cool for a few minutes and eat the skins. Also, drink the water. I, personally use 3 to 4 cups of water. Do this every other day, and in a few months you will see a tremendous difference. You will notice some difference in a few weeks, but be patient. Good luck."

      Earth Clinic adds: Patapar Paper is Vegetable Cooking Parchment.  Easy to find on the internet -- just do a google search.

      #11: Believe it
      2/13/2007: Vivian ( vivamis123[at] hotmail.com) from Tampa, FL writes, "I started getting gray hair at the age of 39 and started to dye it my natural color. After a few years of dying my hair I came to the conclusion that I am beautiful and that I will look beautiful even if I had gray hair, so I stopped dying it. Even though I feel beautiful with gray hair, I notice a few hairs changing brown again. I think the key is not to believe your old, but to believe you are beautiful, no matter gray or not, then your hair color will change. "

      Did You Try One of These Remedies?  Did it work?
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