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FW: ACTION Ostara 2013 is ready

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  • Jordsvin
    ... From: Christopher Blackwell [mailto:myrddin@zianet.com] Sent: Tuesday, March 19, 2013 12:47 PM To: HeathenNews@yahoogroups.com Subject: ACTION Ostara 2013
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      From: Christopher Blackwell [mailto:myrddin@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, March 19, 2013 12:47 PM
      To: HeathenNews@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: ACTION Ostara 2013 is ready

      Note article 3 on Manx Heathen. Looking for more Heathens to interview for
      Beltane issue.

      ACTION is free to everyone. You can
      read the Ostara issue here.

      First go to http://aren.org/newsletter/index.php

      On that page you will find in the upper right corner two buttons.
      One for before 2011, and one for 2011 and after. Push the 2011
      and after button, then on that page go down to the Ostara 2013
      and click on the latest issue

      Check out the rest of the issues, either [before 2011],
      or [2011 and after] check the two buttons on the upper right

      Here is what we have for you in this Ostara issue.

      Article 1, Page 2
      Stop Witch Hunts in South Africa
      Interview with Morgause Fonteléve
      Morgause tells of the battle to end Witch hunts that still kill people in
      South Africa and many other places.

      Article 2, Page 7
      Kitchen Witch, Author and Teacher
      Interview Rachel Patterson (Tansy Firedragon), England
      Rachel discusses being a Kitchen Witch, her school and her books, not to
      mention other groups that she has worked with and trained under.

      Article 3, Page 12
      Art, History and being Heathen
      Interview with Annie Cúglas
      Annies talks about her love of history, her study or art and the winding
      path she took to becoming not only Heathen, but what she calls a Manx
      Heathen based on the blended culture of the Isle of Mann, which she has

      Article 4, Page 19
      The Doreen Valiente Foundation
      Centre for Pagan Studies and Museum
      Up Date with John Belham-Payne
      John brings us up to date with have is happening preserve the collection of
      Dorreen Valiente material, the women who literally co-created Gardnerian
      Tradition Wicca, filling it out more completely and from which all modern
      day Wicca develops, even Eclectic Wicca.

      Article 5, Page 24
      Druid, Celebrant, Author, Publisher
      Interview with Penny Billington
      As a twenty year member of Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, Penny is also
      editor of their magazine TouchStone, and author herself and she discusses
      how this all ties together.

      Article 6, Page 28
      In Front and Behind the Scenes
      at EarthSpirit
      Interview with Susan Arthen
      Susan tells of living in the intentional community EarthSpirit, working both
      out front in public and behind the scenes and being an elder.

      Article 7, Page 36
      AwenTree Proprietress
      Interview with Winifred Tannetta
      Winifred discusses her development as a solitary progressive Hedge Witch,
      cofounder and now propriestress of AwenTree and local coordinator of Western
      Mass Pagan Pride.

      Article 8, Page 42
      A very busy Witch
      Interview with Jennifer Bennett
      Jennifer is active in the Covenant of the Goddess, Cherry Hill Seminary,
      Interfaith Council of Franklin County, Massachusetts, Hospice of Franklin
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