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FW: ACTON Imbolc 2013 is ready.

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    ... From: Christopher Blackwell [mailto:myrddin@zianet.com] Sent: Saturday, February 02, 2013 12:30 PM To: HeathenNews@yahoogroups.com Subject: ACTON Imbolc
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      From: Christopher Blackwell [mailto:myrddin@...]
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      Subject: ACTON Imbolc 2013 is ready.

      ACTION Imbolc 2013 is ready.

      Remember that ACTION, the official newsletter of Alternate
      Religious Educational Network, is free to everyone. You can
      read the Imbolc issue here.

      First go to http://aren.org/newsletter/index.php

      On that page you will find in the upper right corner two buttons.
      One for before 2011, and one for 2011 and after. Push the 2011
      and after button, then on that page go down to the Imbolc 2013
      and click on the latest issue

      With new improvements it should now work on all browsers.
      We have increased bandwidth limits as more people are
      staying longer. We have added some new software for the
      flipping pages so that you can access them on iPhone,
      iPads and other non-Flash capable mobil devices.

      Check out the rest of the issues, either [before 2011],
      or [2011 and after] check the two buttons on the upper right

      Here is what we have for you in this Yule issue.

      Article 1, Page 2
      Hexenmeister & Graphic Artist
      Interview with Jj Starwalker
      Jj tells us about how she designs the Hex signs [painted prayers]
      to fit the needs of her customers, and does graphic arts work for

      Article 2, Page 9
      Heathen Path of Urglaawe
      Interview with Robert L. Schreiwer
      Robert tells us on an American Heathen path based on Pennsylvania
      [Dutch] German surviving pre-Christian folk tradition.

      Article 3, Page 17
      The Dynion Mwyn and
      Y Tylwyth Teg Traditions
      Interview with Rhuddlwm Gawr
      Rhuddlwm tells us how he became part of an old Welsh tradition
      Dyonion Mwyn and founded its American version Y Tylwth Teg.

      Article 4, Page 29
      Rogue Priest
      On a trip to meet the Gods
      Interview with Drew Jacob
      Robert breaks loose for ordinary life to take a risk full trip into pure
      adventure to South America that will take years. Statistically, he'll
      might end up dead from violence, disease or mishap. He prefers to
      think think that years from now, a single tanned and wounded gringo
      on a log raft will drift into Rio de Janeiro, a peaceful smile on his face,
      an Alexander's worth of danger behind him, a few long-trusting friends
      waiting on a bridge with coffee.

      Article 5, Page 32
      Green Egg and the Green Egg Radio Hour 
      Interview with editor and publisher
      Ariel Monserrat
      Ariel gives a bit of back ground on herself and perhaps the oldest and
      most famous Pagan magazine of all, Green Egg.

      Article 6, Page 41
      Russian Wiccan Alliance
      Interview With ParNada
      ParNada fills us in with the Wiccan Community in Moscow, Russia and
      the connections they re trying to make with Wiccans worldwide.

      Article 7, Page 47
      Book Review
      Embracing Heathenry
      by Larisa Hunter
      ISBN 978-1-905713-81-3
      Here is the book for givng your a window into living Heathenism and
      daily life.
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