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FW: Latest articles on Elhaz Ablaze, Seidhr Article Included

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      Subject: Latest articles on Elhaz Ablaze

      Greetings folks,

      Here are the latest articles from Elhaz Ablaze:

      The Fabrication of "Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted"
      by Henry

      "While it is all very well to be trumpeting the wondrous brilliance of
      Personal Gnosis Above All (PGAA), I find that the more I research actual
      magical traditions the more I realise that the average modern occultist
      or Heathen has far inferior ideas to those that mythological or occult
      traditions have left behind. We really need tradition as a source of
      material for our creative, spiritual, and unconscious aspects to weave
      into reality.

      "Flip side is of course that strict adherence to the forms of tradition
      leads utterly nowhere, just arm chair theorising and the temptation to
      spout opinions as though they were true knowledge. I'm sorry folks but
      Socrates made the point some 2,500 years ago that people who are quick
      to spout on about their great wisdom.tend to be the most ignorant of the

      Who is Matt Anon? Answers Come In Dreams
      by Matt Anon

      "And in our days of gross materialism and spiritual illiteracy we forgot
      the language of Myth, Magic and Mystery. "Nature is a Language. Can't
      you read?", Coil once asked. And I ask myself, if I can read the
      language of my psyche and if I can learn to speak with her? I believe
      yes. I believe that this, in many ways, is part of practising magic. And
      I believe that such a language is encoded in the Runes. The Runes are
      far greater and far more mysterious than these 24 'letters' look at
      first glance (or more or less than 24 depending on the Futhark you use;
      and there were many variations of each particular Rune). And, of course,
      our psyche speaks every night to us. Sometimes answers come in dreams."

      Interview with Diana Paxson
      by Matt Anon

      "This interview is part of an academic investigation of the practices of
      Seidhr in the postmodern world. Could you tell me a little bit about
      your background in the area of magic(k) and/or Neo-Paganism and how you
      came to practice Seidhr?

      "My first magical training was in a ceremonial tradition based on the
      work of Dion Fortune. After several years, I felt that I needed to
      balance that with a more energetic and ecstatic practice, so I began to
      work with the techniques in Michael Harner's book on shamanism. However
      these techniques, although very well presented and effective, lacked the
      substance that comes from a cultural tradition, but I had no connection
      to any of the Native American or other cultures. When I was doing
      research into Norse mythology I had seen references to seidhr, which
      sounded like a northern European magical tradition that I could explore
      without the danger of cultural appropriation. Unfortunately, at that
      time, I knew of no one who was practicing it, so I had to figure it out
      for myself, using what I had learned in other traditions about spirit
      journeying and trance work to interpret and flesh out the information in
      the lore."


      Henry for Elhaz Ablaze


      Henry Lauer


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