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    FIREWALK, SWEATLODGE, WORKSHOPS, KY Posted by: Linda Heller beyondyonder@yahoo.com beyondyonder Tue Jun 30, 2009 10:55 am (PDT) Healing the Earth, Healing
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      Posted by: "Linda Heller" beyondyonder@... beyondyonder
      Tue Jun 30, 2009 10:55 am (PDT)

      "Healing the Earth, Healing Ourselves"
      Mountain Herb Festival

      On October 1st (Camper set-up) thru the 4th (travel home after noon closing
      ceremony) 2009
      Absorb the positive energy as the ancient rhythm of beating drums from our
      DRUM CIRCLE and FIREWALK echos within the beating of your heart. Walk Fire
      to change your life.. You do not have to walk to obtain peace just join the
      The bright moonlight bathes the fire lit scene of drummers and
      listeners intent upon the rhythmic beat of drums and hearts as one.
      As the moon climbs higher, her rays slide up and down the tee-pee
      as sounds of laughter, songs, and merriment emanate from within.
      Smoke spirals upward from the firepit and then sinks to the ground
      as if it too listens.
      Moonlight glances off hot stones passing thru the flap of the sweat lodge
      to begin The Talking Sticks' second round.
      Candlelight shimmers mingle with the twinkles of fireflies
      as they dance among the labyrinth stones.
      Go a step farther than you thought you could. Find the inner strength that
      you always knew was there. Break your psychological and physical bonds
      through the mental discipline of The firewalk and change your life forever.
      We are looking for presenters in the areas of Solar Living, Spirit Dance,
      Ceremonies, Natural Healing, Sustainable Living, etc. Musicians,
      storytellers, fire spinners, belly-dancers, and much more. If you teach come
      one, come all! If you are interested in giving a workshop or presentation.
      You will receive one admittance ticket.
      Cost is $35.00 donation: which includes workshops for the whole gathering,
      (unless there is a supply cost), camping and we eat together so bring food..

      Children under 16 are free. Children 16 and over are half price $17.50.
      Only 200 participants will be allowed this year.
      Go to www.paypal.com click on send money and pay to beyondyonder@... .
      After paying print your receipt and bring it for your ticket. There will be
      a gate this year. Thank you.

      If you have any questions call (606)672-6444 and leave a message or E-mail
      us at beyondyonder@...

      VENDING SPACE IS FREE WITH YOUR ENTRY. We will be limiting our vendors to 10
      so sign and send in your fee.
      Please pay your entry fee through www.paypal.com to beyondyonder@...
      The Gathering is approaching! Our Spirits are vibrating at a higher level so
      join us
      "Come Look Up At The Stars
      in the sky at night,
      and hear them cry in joy:
      Come and join us in the One!
      Here we are: Blazing forth in bliss.
      Now you may set aside
      your parts of pain.
      Take now parts of joy!".
      There is still room for vendors, workshops etc.
      Website: http://geocities.com/beyondyonderrd/festival.html?200928

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