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FW: Pagan Pride picnic 6/6 in Louisville

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  • Jordsvin
    Contact info is at end of message. Jordsvin Pagan Pride picnic 6/6 Posted by: Mike Avery mavery@iglou.com mikeavery40229 Fri May 29, 2009 6:32 am (PDT)
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      Contact info is at end of message. Jordsvin

      Pagan Pride picnic 6/6
      Posted by: "Mike Avery" mavery@... mikeavery40229
      Fri May 29, 2009 6:32 am (PDT)

      The 2nd Annual


      Saturday, June 6th, 10:00AM to 6:00PM

      Cherokee Park- Louisville, KY- Hogan's Fountain

      Scenic Loop Road- Bonnycastle Hill Section

      Courtesy of the Louisville Pagan Pride Day coordinators.

      How many city parks can you think of that features Pagan statuary? Come and
      visit Pan in Louisville's premier municipal park on a lovely afternoon in
      June. The coordinators of Louisville Pagan Pride Day will be serving FREE
      hotdogs and arranging the potluck feast through the lunch and dinner hours.
      Bring a picnic lunch; contribute to the potluck, a blanket and some chairs,
      and your friends! Everyone is welcome to attend our "gathering', so just
      come to hang out if you like.

      We realize that oftentimes we have discovered the Pagan path on our own,
      practicing in secrecy, in fear of repercussions from others. And though
      there are many books and internet sites available today, so much more can be
      learned by interacting with others. One of the many missions of the Pagan
      Pride Project is the fostering of the Pagan community by providing events
      like picnics, festivals and open rituals. To provide people of like minds to
      have a safe place to share information and experiences. As the Pagan
      community grows, so will the size and number of events like these.

      So this, our second event, will be a simple one, just food, friends, and
      fun. No formal events have been scheduled, but if someone feels like
      officiating an impromptu ritual, there is a large open area down from the
      picnic area to do so.

      Cherokee Park is easily accessed either by the Bardstown Rd/ Highlands end
      of Eastern Parkway or the Grinstead Dr exit of Interstate 64 to the
      Lexington Rd entrances. The Scenic Loop Road is mostly one way, and Hogan's
      Fountain is at the Eastern Parkway entrance end of the park. Look for the
      signs and park along the side of the roadway. For those that use mapping
      programs, to locate the main entrance of the park, use the address: 2199
      Eastern Parkway, Louisville, KY 40204.

      For more information contact Mike Avery at (502) 969-9461

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