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    Heros & Warriors: Freehold-TV s Blot Month Episode (x-post) Posted by: Dan R Miller dan@millerfolk.net dano_miller Sun Nov 30, 2008 9:45 pm (PST) 11.1:
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      Heros & Warriors: Freehold-TV's Blot Month Episode (x-post)
      Posted by: "Dan R Miller" dan@... dano_miller
      Sun Nov 30, 2008 9:45 pm (PST)

      11.1: Heros & Warriors of the Highest Order: Blot Month
      Modern Heathenism has a proud military history. Many Heathen honour the
      fallen in November. A look at Saxo Grammaticus' "Four Orders of
      Warriors", the highest of which are warriors with compassion.

      11.2: Give Gladly: The Anglish Skald
      Given the choice, most Heathen would prefer to die a heroic death than
      be ravaged by the suffering of a "straw death". This poem honours both
      the hero and those who live to a ripe old age before joining the ancestors.

      Bring the Yulefather Back into Yuletide: Freehold-TV (x-post)
      Posted by: "Dan R Miller" dan@... dano_miller
      Sun Nov 30, 2008 9:45 pm (PST)

      12.1 Put the Yule-Father back into Yuletide

      It has been lamented that the Christ should be put back into Christmas,
      but the evidence suggests that other than the image of the babe in the
      manger and an impressive anthology of carols, he barely made it there to
      begin with. By far most traditions associated with modern Christmas come
      down to us from pagan times. We should rather be bringing the
      Yule-Father Odin back to Yuletide.
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