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Fwd from Freya Aswynn

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  • Jordsvin
    Fwd from Freya Aswynn: My response to the article in the Scotsman. (Jordsvin: keep scrolling down for the URL and look at Meri Macie s nasty posting as well).
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2006
      Fwd from Freya Aswynn:

      My response to the article in the Scotsman. (Jordsvin: keep scrolling down
      for the URL and look at Meri Macie's nasty posting as well).

      Freya Aswynn here.

      This is a long story, but I keep it short.
      I' categorically deny having downloaded any child porn pictures on Bernard
      Kings computer or any other computer for that matter.

      Freya continues: The row referred to in the article did not erupt because of
      a replica gun. the subject of the row was over the 'well being' of a 8 year
      old girl named Aisha who was staying at the farm. This is a serious matter
      not brought up in court, suffice to say that the witness came to me with 'a
      complaint' against Bernard King which prompted me to force him out with the
      assistance of the police. No charges where brought as the child did not
      really came to any harm.
      After BK left pictures were indeed found on his computer, by the witness, I
      myself called the police. There were other people present when all this went
      on prominent Heathens of fine repute. I will not name them however, as I
      don't want to drag people whom I respect into this sleaze pit. There were
      some pictures in his cache as the hard rive had been formatted before the
      computer changed hands. Then the police broke the formatting and went down
      ten levels that's how they found the other 55oo pictures. The witness also
      submitted to my knowledge Japanese cartoon pictures also of children
      engaging in sexual activity, there were however no adults in the cartoon,
      which was found in BK's room.

      Freya: The witness named Tracy Lynn Wadman has a substantial criminal record
      involving her own child as a mule to transport cocaine from Jamaica to
      London she did six years, and I gave her a home once she was released of
      She cooperated and supplied the police with evidence to roll up a Yardie
      gang in Harlesden in order to get a lighter sentence and therefore could not
      move back to London.
      She also tried to blackmail me two days before I left Stra'ven she wanted
      money of she would change her testimony.

      Freya: I am not the first person being blackmailed this way, I know of an
      air force officer whom also has been blackmailed over a non existing crime,
      which could not be proved or disproved.

      Freya: Anybody who want to talk about this further.
      my email address is:aswynn@...
      Consider the possibility that both me and Bernard King have been had. He
      would have done better to put his hands up, now he'll be hounded for money
      for ever after.
      Freya Aswynn

      Freya: I appeal to those who have professional access to police database to
      check this 'witness' out for your self
      Tracy Lynn Wadman 6/6/1967?
      some where in North Wales.

      >(same as 1st URL but won't break in sending)...
      >6. MERI MACIE, Chico, CA USA / 11:02pm 22 Nov 2006
      >I am a friend of Sirona Knight, another author who Freya Aswynn falsely
      >claimed stole her writing. Aswynn and her publisher at Llewellyn Worldwide
      >in the United States sued Sirona for not including a bibliography in her
      >Little Giant Enclyclopedia of Runes, even though Sirona did indeed submit
      >one when she turned in the manuscript to her publisher, Sterling.

      Freya: If that's true I doubt very much Llewellyn would have sued. Sterling
      would have had to put them back in.

      Sirona has
      >been told by several pagan friends that Aswynn has been doing black magic
      >death spells against Sirona since 2002. These spells were included in
      >Aswynn's Llewellyn book, something which I find extremely offensive.

      Freya: The book referred to was published in 1999 !? Yeah right!

      And now
      >to find out she's a child pornographer as well. Perhaps her publisher knows
      >where to locate Aswynn. Why doesn't the Scottish police contact her
      >publisher and find out if they know where she is? How many more people are
      >going to be harmed by Aswynn?
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