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    How s it hangin , Stubborn Massive? If you have a moment, please check out and answer the new poll in at the Stubborn Records forums at
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      How's it hangin', Stubborn Massive?

      If you have a moment, please check out and answer the new poll in at the Stubborn Records forums at http://stubbornrecords.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=168
      Give us your input regarding the next Version City Rockers CD!
      Help us give you what you want!!!

      In between shovelling snow and making new music, we've managed to add some amazing new vinyl and CD's to the already 800+ items on http://www.stubbornrecords.com And now you can listen to more of them than ever before on our Jukebox! But, before we get ahead of ourselves, check out these new additions:

      Babylove and The Van Dangos feat. Coolie Ranx - Big Big Baboon b/w Brand New Beat (Motorcity Version) 7" Single (Swedish Import) Babylove and The Van Dangos have been making waves all over the world with their high-energy delivery of traditional-style Ska and Reggae. Big Big Baboon is a great uptempo Ska tune with a DJ breakdown that Coolie shows his lyrical prowess on. Brand New Beat begins as an early 60's-style R&B tune, before transforming into a 60's style reggae tune.

      DUB CD'S
      Hi-Fi Killers - Turf War Dub CD The Hi Fi Killers, hip-hop/reggae powerhouse of the 90s, have marked their return to the musical front lines, with this full length Dub album. Turf War Dub picks up where "Jamaica" (Loosegroove 1999) left off. Powerful dub arrangements, tastefully mixed and beautifully mastered with all the artistic integrity that you come to expect with any Hi Fi Killers recording.
      Dub Fanatic - Terrible Riddims CD Terrible Riddims, the debut album from the Seattle based Dub Fanatic, contains 15 tracks of world-class, heavyweight dub. With deep reggae grooves and a guest appearance by Lynval Golding (The Specials), Johnny Horn (Hi Fi Killers/The Notables/Militant Rhythm Section) has produced a dub album that rivals all others. Once these tracks hit the air, there's no turning back.

      Baba Brooks - Five O'Clock Whistle b/w The Angelic Brothers - Ten Virgins 7" YELLOW VINYL Single (Jamaican Import) Top Deck records was Justin Yap's famous hit-making label from the heyday of The Skatalites, with this single coming out in 1963 originally. This is a rare Yellow Vinyl pressing of 2 amazing Ska tunes. Both of these tunes really cook! One side is an up-tempo Ska vocal song. The other is a laid back Ska instrumental with truly awesome playing. Enjoy this RARE Jamaican re-issue!
      Bob Marley - Judge Not b/w - Skatalites - Snow Boy 7" single (Jamaican Import) For fans of Jamaican Ska, the Beverley's label is an institution of quality songs, artists, and production. This Beverley's label single features a very early hit for then-teenaged Bob Marley called Judge Not. It's an uptempo Ska classic that's tough to find on any Bob Marley compilations. The B-side is The Skatalites in a nice early piano-driven Ska tune called Snow Boy. Both sides are rare Ska tunes with strong, simple, piano-driven melodies that will make you wanna dance and hum along!
      Jackie Opel - Sometimes I Wonder b/w Don Drummond - Smiling 7" BLUE VINYL (Jamaican Import)
      Jackie Opel - Take Your Time b/w Roland Alphonso - Live Desire 7" YELLOW VINYL (Jamaican Import)
      Don Drummond - In Memory of LP (Jamaican Import)

      Harry J All Stars - Liquidator b/w Mixed Version 7" single (Jamaican Import) The bass melody of this 1969 classic was borrowed for The Staples Singers' soul classic "I'll Take You There." It's one of the all-time great reggae dance songs. It's got an organ groove and bassline that doesn't quit. The B-side of this record features the "Mixed Version," which is actually a slightly slower version with uncredited DJ's toasting over it. Even if you have Liquidator on something else, this 7" is worth getting just for the B-side. Get into it!
      Dennis Brown - Super Reggae and Soul Hits LP (Jamaican Import) This is THE compilation of Dennis Brown's early career while coming up under Derrick Harriott's wing. The young Crowned Prince of Reggae really shows off his soulful delivery on this mix of American R&B covers and originals. It's pure Early Reggae and Roots as only the brilliant Dennis Brown could provide.

      V/A - Treasure Isle Collection CD (British Import)
      Rod Taylor - Where is Your Love Mankind CD (Jamaican Import)
      De Lions of Jah - Music CD
      And, as always, we brought back some stuff we were out of this week!
      Babylove and The Van Dangos - Run Run Rudie CD (Swedish Import)
      Magadog - Sunrise CD
      Tommi Infamous and King Stout - Dub the Punx (White on Black) T-shirt

      We're beyond happy that you're taking interest in our music, and we're proud to be able to share it with you in the ways that we do. We would like to know if you have any suggestions to improve these little announcements we send you. The Stubborn Crew wants to know the best ways to drop the knowledge to you and your friends. And, as always, we're open to suggestions of what you'd like to see more or less of on the site product-wise. The best way to answer us would be to post a response on our FORUM, where there is a thread about this topic. You can also always e-mail us at info@.... We look foward to hearing from you. Thanks, and enjoy!

      -Stubborn Crew


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