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Session Idea - Gaming through the Alphabet

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  • Richard Pardoe
    As the new year approaches and we all excitedly pull out our latest acquisitions to play, it is also time to look back on our old games that sit on the shelf
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2004
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      As the new year approaches and we all excitedly pull out our latest
      acquisitions to play, it is also time to look back on our old games
      that sit on the shelf waiting to be played. In this vein, I would
      like to propose for the group's consideration an idea that has been
      suggested on the Speilfrieks/Nigglybits mailing lists:

      A year has 52 weeks. The (English) alphabet has 26 letters.
      Therefore in an effort to help bring out games from the collection,
      every two weeks should be assigned to a letter of the alphabet. The
      games played during those 2 weeks must start with the letter of the
      week. In this way, hopefully we can think about our collections and
      bring out games to play that might not make the table otherwise. I
      would like to hear comments from others about this idea, but let me
      explain some of my thoughts also.

      One thing I would like to do is play already owned games. Certainly
      is an economic use for our collections. Another advantage that I hope
      this brings is a small sense of anticipation each week. I know I am a
      bit overwhelmed trying to narrow down to a few games each week and
      with the alphabet system, I have a smaller selection to choose from,
      so perhaps more games get considered for play.

      One downside to such a program is that it is likely to mean a new or
      different game each week. I know that I myself like repeated playings
      of a game as I get a better feel for the inter-relationships of a
      game. If we blindly go through the alphabet, we might not have an
      opportunity to repeat a game and miss out on this ability to learn
      from repeated playings.

      Therefore, if we limit this to the "main" game of the evening and let
      the opener (if any) and closer (if any) remain "free choice" perhaps
      that is one way to proceed. Of course, this might eliminate some
      smaller games from consideration. A compromise might be to consider
      if the game makes a second appearance the following week. After all,
      each letter will have 2 weeks assigned to it. Also, some initial
      letters (Q, X, Y are my "no game" letters) are rather deficient - so
      perhaps we can utilize those weeks as "free choice" weeks also.

      Of course, we need to decide how liberal we are with our assignments.
      I believe a game should count under all versions of it's name.
      Therefore, Abenteuer Menschheit counts both under A and S (Settlers of
      the Stone Age). But expansions should only count when it is their
      turn. Therefore, it is OK to play the Black Rose expansion during the
      B weeks, but only the base game (Mississippi Queen) during the M
      weeks. And there are a few games that start with numerals (10
      Days..., 6 Nimmt!, 18xx), we need to decide if we use the "spelling"
      of the numbers or do we add them as a "27th" letter or do we use them
      as wild cards when the actual letter is deficient.

      So with my (rambling?) thoughts placed down....anyone else willing to
      give this a try? Or do others strongly prefer the current

      Thoughts and discussion greatly appreciated.

      Rich Pardoe
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