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Session report for June 2

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  • Dave Wilson
    Three of us convened at Dave s house for an evening of games. Well, at first we had four: Helen suggested a warm-up at the beginning for a game of
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      Three of us convened at Dave's house for an evening of games. Well, at first we had
      four: Helen suggested a warm-up at the beginning for a game of TransAmerica.
      Kathi, Dave's wife, was willing to join us, so we started with TransAmerica for four.

      In the first round the tracks grew out from the various points. Dave had three cities
      in the Northeast/Midwest (Boston, Chicago, Saint Louis), and then two in the
      southwest (Phoenix, San Diego). He was able to connect his first three, but as it
      turned out no one else had much to do with the southwest, so he was on his own.
      Helen built out from Helena, going to Seattle, and then coming down to join the rest
      of us. She was able to take advantage the rest of our track, though, and finish the
      round. Dave was still five points away, and the others three steps each.

      In the second round Helen again took advantage of the Northwest, with cities Helena,
      Salt Lake City, and Medford. Hmm...how come Helen always did so well when she
      has Helena? I sense foul play. Anyways, when she ended the round, Dave and Kathi
      were both one step away from finishing, but Sterling was five steps, and he took the,
      uh, lead.

      We moved the boundary two spots beyond Sterling's marker, and started round three.
      Dave connected Saint Louis and Duluth, and then started moving west. But this
      connection gave Kathi an easy hook into Chicago, and she was able to ride this
      through to end the round. Everyone else was three (Sterling) or four (Dave, Helen)
      away. Dave's four pushed him past the boundary, ending the game. The scoring in
      this game starts from 13 and works downward, so final scores were Helen 9, Kathi 9,
      Sterling 4, Dave 3.

      Kathi bowed out after this, and the remaining three of us sat down for the main
      course, Ursuppe. We played Ursuppe back on March 24 ( http://
      games.groups.yahoo.com/group/trivalleygamers/message/504 ), but Helen wasn't
      with us at that time, so this was new for her. But we set things up and set off.

      In the initial setup, Dave and Sterling tended to favor one side of the board to the
      other, while Helen hung out on the other side. Very quickly, the guy's side became
      barren of yellow, which was Helen's color. This did have some impact in the game's
      progress, as feeding became more difficult. Initial genes included Movement 1 for
      both Helen and Sterling, and Spores for Dave.

      In the early game Sterling made the push up the scoring chart by dividing twice rather
      than taking a gene. This gave him a lead that he was able to keep until the early 20s
      on the score chart. But it did set him back a bit in genes. Helen went big-time
      movement, with both speed (move twice) and streamline (move for free), while Dave,
      worrying about the lack of food, took life expectancy (die with 3 damage points
      rather than 2).

      And then the game turned when Dave took Struggle for Survival. At first he didn't
      have to use it much, but a lot of that was due to the extra respect his amoebas were
      given. Sterling and Helen's movement and feeding patterns changed to help Dave
      have enough food such that he didn't have to eat their amoebas. Eventually he did,
      though. Between the life expectancy and the struggle, Dave was keeping all seven
      amoebas on the board, and overtook Sterling on the scoring track. Helen did, too,
      primarily from Sterling's amoeba die-off. He was suffering from the lack of food in
      that area of the board, as well as from being Dave's dinner. Helen did take Escape, to
      render her nearly uncatchable to Dave's Attack gene, but by that point she couldn't
      catch Dave, and when the game ended, Dave finished with a four point lead. The final
      scores: Dave 47, Helen 43, Sterling 30.
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