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Session Report for Jan 13th

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  • Sterling Wright
    I know this is really late. Sorry. Who was there: Scott and I What was played (winner): Settler s of Catan Card Game (Sterling) How it all happened: Scott and
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 1999
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      I know this is really late. Sorry.

      Who was there: Scott and I

      What was played (winner):

      Settler's of Catan Card Game (Sterling)

      How it all happened:

      Scott and I had an idea that it we would be the only ones playing that
      session. So I brought my best 2 player game, The Settler's of Catan Card
      Game and we started up almost immediately. It was a good thing that no one
      else showed up, as this game took over 3 hours to play.

      The game went along the usual lines I had seen for this game. With a big
      race to see who can get the extra settlement to start, then trying to get
      enough supplies to create cities and add improvements, a hard task indeed.
      As with most times I played this, we were both just below the "getting by"
      mark as far as supplies go. They were never there when we need them and we
      had more than we wanted when the Brigands were rolled. I won the race for
      the last settlement and ultimately the game. This is the first time I have
      done either. I'm starting to wonder if those extra two resources make an
      unfair advantage for the player that gets them.

      During the game we were cutting out plastic soldiers for another game,
      "Lionheart" I think. Afterward Scott answered some questions on how the
      game is setup and played. Then we looked at the clock and realized that we
      didn't have the time to get into it. So we called it an evening. It seemed
      like a combination of Chess and miniatures. (More miniatures than chess to
      be sure.) I'm looking forward to playing it some day. Unfortunately, it is
      a two-player game.

      Thoughts for the evening:

      #1 - Settler's of Catan: The Card Game

      I have played this game several times and I think I am sure I have stated
      what I like and dislike about the game before. But this time I actually won.
      Most of my earlier complaints still hold true, I just benefited from them.
      Whoever gets the last settlement has a big advantage over the other player
      and because both players play within their own line of settlements and
      cities, the only true interaction between players are direct attacks. There
      are a couple of exceptions, specifically the knight and trade tokens.
      However, this is true with most card games, it's just more apparent here
      because it gets compared to the SoC board game. I still quite enjoy this
      game but think it could be balanced out a bit. My rating: B
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