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Game Suggestion - 21 August - CIRCUS TRAIN

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  • Richard Pardoe
    And it looks like 5 around the table for tomorrow night which lines up very nicely with yesterday s arrival of CIRCUS TRAIN. Truth be told, I have this as the
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      Game Suggestion - 21 August - CIRCUS TRAIN

      And it looks like 5 around the table for tomorrow night which lines up very nicely with yesterdays arrival of CIRCUS TRAIN.  Truth be told, I have this as the original PnP quality release from VPG, but pounced on a chance to get the new deluxe (mounted board, laser cut tokens) edition of the game with improved production quality.  The only question is do we try the basic version or jump right into the advanced which adds some random events and a few other choices for the players.  If anyone wants to get a jump on tomorrow nights rule explanation, the rules are at: http://victorypointgames.com/documents/CT_2nded_Rules_v1-0%20(Website).pdf

      For those who just prefer the quick overview here is VPGs description:

          Circus Train Second Edition, by designer Tom Decker, is a 1-5 player game in which you are the owner and operator of a small circus train in prohibition-era America. In this game, you and your opponents are vying to employ the best talent while putting on the most magnificent show each month. While touring the country by train, you will have the opportunity to perform while adding talent to your show through hiring the performers stranded in cities by defunct circuses. Just remember to keep an eye on your wages, because your talent definitely will.

          Through clever card hand management, you control the movement of your train around the American northeast, making strategic business decisions about talent, performances and payroll in this fast-paced strategy game. Each turn represents one week of real time, and after six months, the circus season closes for the year and the game ends with one player declared as having The Greatest Show on Earth.

          Inspired by Sara Gruen’s novel, Water for Elephants, Circus Train Second Edition includes thematic elements such as improving your show’s reputation by picking up alcohol for your talent and staff (legally, in Canada), the high costs of supplying big cats and elephants, and the ability to “red light” (firing by throwing off the train) disgruntled talent or talent that has simply become too expensive to maintain. These elements are blended into the game’s mechanics, keeping it all simple while adding layers of depth and strategy.

      -       Rich

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