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Re: Post Game Comments - 3 Apr - Aliens: This Time Its War (&) The Twelve Doctors

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  • thedesign3r
    Boy I missed a good game nite! Lawrence
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 6, 2013
      Boy I missed a good game nite!


      --- In trivalleygamers@yahoogroups.com, "Richard Pardoe" <RPardoe@...> wrote:
      > A chance tonight to play a couple of Mark Chaplin's PnP asymmetric
      > (Attack-Defense) card games. In general, each player has a deck of cards
      > and is battling over a battlegrounds/cards in the middle of the table.
      > Cards generally are attack cards (adding to one's strength) or one-time
      > event cards which usually add, remove, or adjust the play area. But each
      > game is based upon a popular science fiction theme.
      > Aliens: This Time Its War has the Colonial Marines trying to survive the
      > Aliens as they seek to live long enough to survive. The Marine player has a
      > limited number (16) of marines and the loss of all will spell the end of the
      > game. The Alien player loses if the Marines last until they are evacuated
      > and/or the nukes are dropped from space to blow up the planet. While the
      > marine player can only play 3 cards to their side of the tableau, the Aliens
      > can play as many as they wish. As a result, the Aliens do tend to swarm and
      > overwhelm the Marines who literally are trading bodies for time hoping they
      > can reach the end of the time track. In fact, I think I (as the Marines)
      > spent too much effort trying to defend at the start rather than keeping the
      > more powerful cards for later in the game where it would be more useful.
      > Tim did a good job swarming as the Aliens, wearing the Marines down, and
      > eventually killing Bishop early enough to declare victory.
      > (NB: This game was rethemed by White Goblin/Stronghold and sold as
      > Revolution. Now the Aliens are the good guys (the Sheriff) who is trying to
      > kill/eliminate the bad guys (the Outlaws); but I think the Aliens theme
      > works so much better.
      > The Twelve Doctors: Doctor Who Card Game has the Master and other DW baddies
      > attacking one of three locations (Past Earth, Gallifrey, Present & Future
      > Earth) hoping to exhaust the Doctor's deck. The Doctor and his companions
      > are trying to defend these attacks and exhaust the Master's deck. The twist
      > here is that each side can "regenerate" into the next incarnation of the
      > character from the series gaining a modest power while doing so. This one
      > has a much different feel to it. There is no time track as in Aliens (other
      > than the decks) instead the Master slowly but surely is building his forces
      > in an attempt to overcome the Doctor. So while the early game felt
      > frustrating for the Master as he was forced to regenerate a few times, the
      > combination of the attacks did start to overwhelm the Doctor who found
      > himself with too few cards to effectively counter the threat and lost the
      > game. (Well played by Tim again.) The theme does work, but it is a much
      > different feel to the above game.
      > Of the two, I think Aliens works a bit better. One can see the time track
      > more efficiently and it felt like the movie it attempted to mimic with Alien
      > hordes battling a modest Marine force who must get good combinations at the
      > right time to win. And to do so might involve the occasional sacrifice
      > (short term loss for a longer term gain). The Doctor Who game felt a bit
      > more static, but with a definite shift from Doctor overly strong to Master
      > strong. Of course, that is likely to change as the known threats in each
      > deck is better understood and prepared for. Would readily play either game
      > again.
      > Finally (and I will repeat this on the weekend) - I will not be able to host
      > next Wednesday, so see everyone in 2 weeks.
      > - Rich
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