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  • Sterling Wright
    I ve been thinking about starting up session reports again. The only drawback to me doing them is I lack the ability to command the English language. If
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 22, 1998
      I've been thinking about starting up session reports again. The only
      drawback to me doing them is I lack the ability to command the English
      language. If these turn out to be too gruesome to read, let me know and
      I'll stop. I'm mainly doing this because I want to start keeping our web
      page up to date. :) Our next meeting is December 30th. I'm dog sitting
      for Scott, so we can meet at his place.



      Mike, Scott, Kevin, and Sterling


      Euphrat And Tigress, Before I Kill You Mr. Bond


      Euphrat and Tigris

      We started with this game because it was only supposed to take 90 minutes,
      it ended up lasting most of the evening. This is an abstract game where
      each player plays a faction of four leaders trying to influence the kingdoms
      that spring up around the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. By having influence
      over a kingdom as it expands, or winning influence through conflict, the
      players collect four types of victory points. The winner is the player that
      has the most victory points in his weakest type. I like this game because
      it requires that the player balance his earnings in all four victory point
      types. If a player concentrates on one or two, the remaining will be left
      behind and that player will lose. The board changes quite quickly (I think
      Mike would say too quickly) so the players need to be able to change their
      strategy at the drop of a hat. Often a move you were planning for a turn
      or two will be made totally ineffective by someone else's move. After three
      hours, we exhausted the supply of tiles and counted victory points with Me
      winning, Scott coming in second, Mike third, and Kevin last. (If I have
      this wrong, let me know and I'll change it before I add it to the web page.

      Before I Kill You Mr. Bond

      We decided to play a mindless quick game after the last one. Mike had just
      made a big order from cheap-ass games and I think 2 or 3 of us ended up with
      a copy of Before I Kill You Mr. Bond. This game is both mindless and quick
      so it was an obvious choice. This amusing little card game has been played
      at TVB so many times I think it has probably beaten Settlers and Air Baron
      for the game most played. In it the players play arch villans creating
      lairs to trap and kill spies in. A player's lair is destroyed if a spy or
      group of spies enter it with a strength greater than that of the lair. This
      game is one of the first I've seen where doubler used often. We even had
      one spy doubled 3 times to 16 points. As usual with this game, the luckiest
      one there won. On this night it just happened to be me. :)
    • Mark.E.Johnson@pobox.com
      ... Great! My experience with these is that they almost never generated any discusion or feedback, but I felt they were worthwhile anyway. Would ve been even
      Message 2 of 2 , Dec 23, 1998
        >From: "Sterling Wright" <greendragon1@...>
        >I've been thinking about starting up session reports again.

        Great! My experience with these is that they almost never generated any
        discusion or feedback, but I felt they were worthwhile anyway. Would've
        been even more so if I'd done as well with the website or r.g.b postings
        the way Greg Schloesser does with his Westback Gamers reports.

        Sometimes describing the game mechanics are the most bulky and
        time-consuming part. If some readers don't know the game in question then
        they're still valuable, otherwise I'm not sure. An email gamer friend of
        mine from the Boston area uses a different sort of format I think reads
        well, probably smoother than mine. Here, I'll see if I can copy an older
        one into this message...

        >Who was there: Craig England, Darren Brown, and I.
        >What was played (winner):
        >Code 777 (Joe)
        >Nanuuk! (Darren)
        >Yucata (Craig)
        >Yucata (Darren)
        >Keydom (Joe)
        >Kraut & Rueben (Craig)
        >Schuetzenfest (Craig)
        >Ursuppe (Craig)
        >How it all happened:
        >Craig arrived first; with no particular guarantee that anyone else would show
        >up, we started going through some new (for me) games that handle two players.
        >We set up Code 777, and got underway. With me having guessed two correctly,
        >and Craig one, but in the middle of a long dry spell Darren arrived. Craig
        >managed to get his second, but the setup then allowed me to deduce my third
        >combination for the win.
        >The three of us then dove into a first play of Nanuuk!, the game of Eskimo
        >hunting. (Hmmm... that doesn't sound quite right. You're an Eskimo, and are
        >hunting - not someone hunting Eskimos.) Darren jumped out quickly, and while
        >my attempt to slow down Craig did so, it slowed me as well. Darren took the
        >Yucata, a very abstract game from one of the best young German game designers
        >(Steffan Dorra), was next to the table. As frequently happens in collection
        >games, I played too conservatively; Craig took advantage of this the first
        >game (building a decent score, then watching as Darren collected _everything_
        >else to end up negative), while Darren came out on top the second time
        >We then played Keydom, using the "anyone can place in the throneroom" rule.
        >Hard to say if it worked, as with only three players and playing for three
        >tiles the game ended suddenly when Darren misjudged his threats, allowing me
        >to escape with the win.
        >Getting back to new games, we pulled out Kraut & Rueben, the sometimes panned
        >game from this past Spring that Adam Spielt gave two stars. Knowing that
        >they are generally a better bet for me than those I've heard pan the game,
        >I took a chance on it. I grabbed a garden first, seeing one that I didn't
        >want to let get away. Craig snailed me, though, and I didn't manage to guess
        >his weakness in time to prevent him from locking in a very nice garden.
        >Darren, left to complete a garden as he wished, had _horrible_ luck in
        >finishing a distant third with Craig taking the win.
        >Turning our attention to archery, we pulled out Schuetzenfest, with the ink
        >still drying on my translation (coming to the Gaming Dumpster soon; I somehow
        >doubt anyone is desperately waiting for it). Darren and I got off to good
        >starts, with Craig falling well behind. Then out of the blue Craig pulled
        >three great scores in a row, while I inched forward and Darren slammed back,
        >giving Craig his third win of the evening.
        >We closed with a traditional closer - Ursuppe, with a bunch of new genes
        >(PHD, Suction 1/2, More than a Mouthful, Flexibility, Adaptability,
        >Cleanlyness, and another one or two). It was by far the closest game of
        >Ursuppe I've ever seen - no one ever fell more than 3 points off the lead,
        >I believe. I was leading going into the Darren-has-Struggle-for-Survival
        >round, but was one BP short of buying an additional amoeba for the win. This
        >allowed Craig to nudge past me, into the victory area.
        >Thoughts for the evening:
        >#1 - Code 777
        >Interesting game; dry, but enjoyable now and again. Not my favorite type of
        >game, or it would rate higher. Initial rating: 6.
        >#2 - Nanuuk!
        >Needs more competition than we employed. Might not work well with three
        >players, too. At that, it still wasn't bad; I'm looking forward to giving it
        >another go. Initial rating: 6.
        >#3 - Yucata
        >Fun. A bit dry. A thinking filler, and a decent one - seems good enough to
        >keep, certainly. Initial rating: another 6.
        >#4 - Keydom
        >Not best with 3 players (not enough resource interaction, mostly), but still
        >OK. Rating still stuck at 7; I suspect it will either go up with the next
        >4 or 5 player game, or be permanently stuck there.
        >#5 - Kraut & Rueben
        >Nice little game. It's clearly aimed at the family level, but well aimed
        >there - there's enough choices to keep things interesting. Initial rating:
        >yet another 6.
        >#6 - Schuetzenfest
        >The best of the new games, but just a bit - they were all quite enjoyable,
        >really. This game, a typical Rudi Hoffman game in many ways, stood out for
        >me as being the one that offered something extra - it's the one I most wanted
        >to continue playing when it was over. Initial rating: 7. Not bad for a game
        >that's nearly 25 years old.
        >#7 - Ursuppe
        >Still a great game; the new genes just add more ways to play. Rating remains
        >an 8.
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