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Postgame Report - 26 Dec - WESTERN TOWN

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  • Richard Pardoe
    As noted in the summary, each player is seeking to expand their WESTERN TOWN to gain prosperity measured by a variety of factors. A small number of points are
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 26, 2012
      Postgame Report - 26 Dec - WESTERN TOWN

      As noted in the summary, each player is seeking to expand their WESTERN TOWN to gain prosperity measured by a variety of factors.  A small number of points are granted for the homes built.  The buildings in town might be worth points as well.  Finally, there are points to be gained for the number of inhabitants, the attractiveness (lure) of the town, and the amount of gold exported to the US Government.  To get there, each player has available to them the same potential buildings and their associated powers.  But how to get there from the starting towns which (initially) are identical?  Each building in the town will grant the player a card in hand that can be used to gain some actions.  But each turn, only a few of those cards can be chosen as active, the rest must be set aside for this turn.  So the first decision is which cards to play.  But after playing two cards, players then have the ability to exploit the played cards of their neighboring players  if they have a card with the same name either played or in hand.  This will flip the opponents card while granting the exploiter a bonus.  Therefore, each turn is a bit of a game not only how to best gain advantages, but how to best exploit and slow down your opponents.  The game lasts a total of 5 rounds.  So rather quick playing after a rules summary.  The main difficulty will be understanding all the buildings and their abilities.  Fortunately, my version of the game has 4 English player aides summarizing each building, so players can figure them out on their own. 

      As for the questions during the game we were correct, one must be able to carry out the exploit action to exploit.  Cant just flip the opponents card.  We were slight incorrect on the must play actions.  Only rolling the Indian Die is a MUST when it appears.  All other actions are may.  So in theory one could play Gold Mine and NOT take the offered gold.  And we did the Indian raids correctly.as soon as the condition is hit, they raid.  Any remaining Indians are placed after the raid is resolved.

      Dave seemed to be doing well early in the game having a nice collection of cowboys and then acquiring the gallows which would turn 2 of them into a hanged outlaw worth 6 points.   Dave did this thrice and added a few more valuable building for the bulk of his points.  Rich also had some nice cowboys, but seemed to draw most of the Indian raids early in the game and scrambled to gain points.  The lure of his town and the value of his buildings were his main points.  Tim focused on homesteads and then just attracted inhabitants and more inhabitants which gave him a commanding lead in the end game scoring:

      Tim:  64    /     Rich: 48     /     Dave: 47

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