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Game Report - 12 Dec - Pax Porfiriana

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  • Richard Pardoe
    And Pax it was. This is a typical Eklund game which lots of cards (220) each with lots of color, text, and detail. Fortunately, only a subset of the cards
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      Game Report - 12 Dec - Pax Porfiriana

      And Pax it was.  This is a typical Eklund game which lots of cards (220) each with lots of color, text, and detail.  Fortunately, only a subset of the cards are used in any one game (50 + 10/player in the detailed set-up).  Of course, this does bring out its own challenges as the deck could be slanted towards some cards and deficient of others as a result.  While all players might have the same handicap, it does make some card combinations perhaps a bit risky.  (Others might say patience is needed to assure of the combo before committing to it.)

      As summarized last night, the premise is each player is a rich businessman in pre-revolutionary Mexico seeking to come out on top.  That is either by having the appropriate points when toppling the current government or having the most gold at the end of the game.  While there is a lot of detail on the cards, most information is open (especially the cards that players will acquire) so much of the game explanation can be done as cards enter the market.  The game can be presented at a higher level about the different sorts of cards and how they are played.  We did this and using the player aid summary (still a bit of an eye chart even printed on 11x17) we stumbled into the game.

      Rich tried to establish ranches and mines for income, but seemed to be target of disruption attempts.  Tim was managing to gain quite a bit of gold and using it to establish a strong presence (and most likely hoping for the gold victory condition.)  Dave was establishing his empire and doing well for gold as well.

      We couldnt finish in the time allotted as the first part of the game was a bit slow as we learnt the cards and considered the various interactions.  One question we did have is the sequence of events on a card that has two on it (special effect and regime change).  There is a rule (which was pointed out when I scanned the BGG forums) that the special effect is resolved immediately after placement so would trigger before the regime change.

      One rule we misplayed is for effects that add unrest to other enterprises in the district.  We should have interpreted this strictly and applied it to ALL other enterprises in the district regardless of owner.  In other words, if the target enterprise was in Sonora, all Sonoran enterprises for all players would gain an unrest.

      Havent found any other mistakes, so believe we did a good job jumping into this one cold as we did.  I certainly wouldnt mind another go at it.

      -        Rich

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