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Game Suggestion - 28 Nov - THE GREAT ZIMBABWE

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  • Richard Pardoe
    Have a few new games that I am curious to try, but let s go in (roughly) the order received. So with that in mind, let s give Splotter s current release: The
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      Game Suggestion - 28 Nov - THE GREAT ZIMBABWE

      Have a few new games that I am curious to try, but lets go in (roughly) the order received.  So with that in mind, lets give Splotters current release:  The Great Zimbabwe a try.  Copying from BGG:

          The Great Zimbabwe is a logistico-economic game in which players are tribal leaders in Africa trying to please the gods by building monuments.

          Buying technology, building craftsmen, gathering resources and worshipping a god are among the many decisions necessary to win in The Great Zimbabwe. But the main way of getting there is building and developing a network of monuments. The higher the monuments, the closer the players will be to victory, but players must balance many subtle aspects of the game. If they develop their economy, if they worship a powerful god or if they use a lot of technology, they will need to score more victory points.

          Clever use of turn-order manipulation, economic development in an almost close environment, scarce natural resource use and logistical optimization to deliver goods from craftsmen to monuments: You only get one action per turn, so be smart! The Great Zimbabwe is a race for victory, in which you decide how far you want to go and at what speed. Then other players' decisions change everything...

      Rules are online if anyone wants to scan them prior to tomorrows game.

      See you then,

      -       Rich

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