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No games - 6 June (aka Host Needed)

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  • Richard Pardoe
    LAST WEEK: Tim and Dave arrived for games, so we explored an older (1996) Fanfor-Verlag game: BRAUEREI. Players represent breweries trying to establish a
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      No games - 6 June (aka Host Needed)

      LAST WEEK:

      Tim and Dave arrived for games, so we explored an older (1996) Fanfor-Verlag game: BRAUEREI Players represent breweries trying to establish a strong presence in the national markets.  To get there, players start out with a single presence in a kiosk and look to expand into pubs, supermarkets, and wholesalers before breaking into the national market.  Each level requires a certain amount of beer and trucks in order to generate some revenue.  So as players expand, they need to increase their factories production as well as their fleet size to keep up with their demand.  Players also have field agents who can be sent out to try to convince a location to carry a players brand or can be kept back to prevent a possible hostile takeover.  And these field agents need to be paid creating another drain on a players income.  Finally, there is a modest card bidding system that tries to determine what the customers desired beer qualities will be.  A player/brewer that matches the customers tastes will get a bonus for the round making it a bit easier to expand.  An interesting point in the game is that the revenue generation is best at the smaller locations, but one needs to add the inefficiencies as the winning goal is not most money, but having three spots in the national market.  There is a rather involved turn sequence, but after a turn or tow, it is quickly understood and the game rolls along quite smoothly.   In our game, Rich and Tim seemed to be making the same progress through the markets towards the national market while Dave kept losing out on expansion.  But at some point in mid-game, Richs efforts seemed to sputter a bit and Daves started to increase.  Un affected by all this was Tim who did penetrate the national market first.  Even understanding the game, it does seem to play a bit longer than is really necessary and we did end the game when Tim got his second marker in the National Market as we acknowledged he would get his third on the next turn and no one could stop him.  A quirky, moderately interesting game with a curious economic system. 

      THIS WEEK:

      I have a conflict for Wednesday and am unable to host games this week.  If anyone wishes to step forward to host, please feel free to post to the list. 

      -       Rich

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