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Host Needed - 7 March

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  • Richard Pardoe
    LAST WEEK: With three around the table, we did set-up and play a couple of quick games designed for up to 4 players. FEALTY is a game of area control where
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      Host Needed - 7 March

      LAST WEEK:

      With three around the table, we did set-up and play a couple of quick games designed for up to 4 players.  FEALTY is a game of area control where players place tokens on a map.  Each player has 9 identical tokens at the start and will place 8 of them over the course of the game.  Each token varies by the range of influence and by the areas it can influence.  The twist in this game is that each token also has a speed rating.  For those familiar with Neuroshima Hex, you will know the concept.  Namely the faster speed token will exert influence before a slower speed token.  Since each space can only be influenced by one player and because players cant trace influence through their opponents tokens, there is some thought given to how and where the tokens will be placed.  A final restriction is that a players token cant be placed in a row or column that already contains one of the players tokens; as tokens are placed, the subsequent tokens will have fewer and fewer available spots.  So in essence, a pretty abstract game, but it does play rather quickly (30 minutes or so).  When our game had concluded, Dave had quite a bit of influence along one edge that wasnt really contested by the other players (Tim and Rich), allowing Dave to claim the win:

          Dave: 37  /  Tim: 26  /  Rich: 28

      POSEIDONS KINGDOM is last years Fragor release.  Yes, the game features cute characters (this time a variety of sealife) who are moving around the ocean trying to pick up food (dice) that will be combined into combinations to release friends help captive by the Kraken.  The game carries forward the ability construction hexes from Antics wherein players build their reef from 2 hex tiles. The highest level of an icon indicates how many times that action can be taken (ie twice on level 2, thrice on level 3, etc.)  Also moving around the ocean is a shark that will consume the players characters.  The other gimmick in the game is a giant wave that rolls the dice as the wave crashes against the beach.  Of course, VPs abound in the game as players can pick them up for completing various tasks.  By virtue of an end game bonus, Rich did eke out the win:

          Dave: 24  /  Tim: 24  /  Rich: 26

      THIS WEEK:

      I found out on Friday that I need to be at Sabrinas school on Wednesday night to go over course selection for high school.  (Yes, she will be starting high school next year, where did the time go?)  As a result, I am unable to host.  If anyone has a gaming table they wish to open up for games, please just reply to the list and coordinate the evening.  See you all in 2 weeks on the 14th.

      -       Rich

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