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Wed 1/11

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  • l scott
    Hey Guys I can make it. hoping to get some sleep before! Sincerely Lawrence Public Library Internet Access only I feel Like Neo in the Motion picture the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 9, 2012

      Hey Guys
      I can  make it.    hoping to get some sleep before!
      Public Library Internet Access only
      I feel Like Neo in the Motion picture the Matrix. Always running to find that public Internet Portal before it closes!


      Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2012 09:15:06 +0000
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      Invitation to Games - 11 Jan From: Richard Pardoe



      Invitation to Games - 11 Jan

      Posted by: "Richard Pardoe" RPardoe@...   rpardoe@...

      Sun Jan 8, 2012 8:35 pm (PST)

      LAST WEEK:
      The (holiday?) surge of gamers continued as we had 6 around the table for
      games. Since most had not played it the week before, ELDER SIGN was brought
      out for another run. This time the ancient (great) old one was Nyarlathotep
      which added the Mask monsters to the monster cup. Again, the team of
      investigators worked together to get sufficient elder signs to defeat the
      game with less than a third of the doom track being filled. Nick,
      Stephanie, Lawrence, Jay, Dave and Rich all shared in the win. After that
      game, several folks had to leave but with 30 minutes or so still left in the
      evening, the remainder tried out a quick game of CARNIVAL a set collection
      card game where one's actions might be decided by dice. As a result of the
      dice, there is a feeling of randomness or "luck of the draw" in the game as
      Rich managed to draw the necessary card for the win out of Jay's hand with a
      fortunate roll of the dice.
      THIS WEEK:
      Last week we were right on the one game or two threshold. Will we exceed it
      this week with a good turnout again? Or will it be a smaller group this
      week? Either way, I'm available to host games. So let's get the player
      count started and make plans accordingly.
      Who will attend for ...
      ************ ********* ********* *********
      Wednesday Night, 18:30 to ~21:00
      My house in San Ramon
      (Contact me off-list if you need directions)
      ************ ********* ********* *********
      - Rich

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