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Re: Invitation to Games - 3 Aug

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  • Dave
    I can make it. See everyone then! Dave
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 3, 2011
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      I can make it. See everyone then!


      --- In trivalleygamers@yahoogroups.com, "Richard Pardoe" <RPardoe@...> wrote:
      > LAST WEEK:
      > Six players around the table, so it was BATTLESTAR GALACTICA that made it to
      > the table. As I hadn't read up on the Pegasus expansion, it was only the
      > base game for us. We explained the rules to those who hadn't played before,
      > set up the Galactica within the initial Cylon swarm and set out to see which
      > side would prevail. The luck was not on the human side as we quickly drew
      > another Cyclon attack as our crisis card prompting the Admiral (Lawrence) to
      > deploy one of the limited nukes to attempt to destroy not only the base
      > stars but also some of the raiders in the vicinity as well. But shortly
      > after that attempt, another Cylon attack was upon us and we hadn't even
      > advanced far enough to attempt to jump. Surrounded by several Cylon
      > raiders, the humans lost several civilian ships (six in fact) which dropped
      > the population lower and lower. And early jump to get rid of the Cyclons
      > dropped the population to 3. When a skill check was poisoned by Adama
      > (Lawrence), we realized he was in fact a Cyclon and sent him to brig where
      > he revealed his true loyalties. This sector of space was fairly quiet and
      > we were progressing nicely towards our next jump when Apollo (Tim) went to
      > the FTL control to launch the next jump - in fact hoping to lose the
      > remaining 3 population which indeed did happen to let the Cyclons (Tim and
      > Lawrence) win the game. The humans (Jeff, Dave, Ben, and Rich) just didn't
      > do so well.
      > THIS WEEK:
      > I did scan the Pegasus expansion rules after the game last week. This
      > expansion adds Cyclon Leaders (revealed Cylon at the start, but who might
      > have sympathy towards the humans), the Pegasus ship, as well as a New
      > Caprica board. It also allows for 7 players as well. So am prepared the
      > next time a large group is around the table for games. But looking ahead -
      > open to any number of games for any number of players. Have the table,
      > have the games, who will join me? As always, if anyone has a suggestion for
      > a game to play, by all means, please make it when you RSVP for..
      > GAMES:
      > ***************************************
      > Wednesday Night, 18:30 to ~21:00
      > My house in San Ramon
      > (Contact me off-list if you need directions)
      > ***************************************
      > - Rich
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