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No Games - 27 April

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  • Richard Pardoe
    LAST WEEK: Attendance was a bit in flux but settled down to three as Dave and Tim did make it for games. With a small group, we brought out LETTERS FROM
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      No Games - 27 April

      LAST WEEK:

      Attendance was a bit in flux but settled down to three as Dave and Tim did make it for games.  With a small group, we brought out LETTERS FROM WHITECHAPEL which does play up to 5, but is a one against many game so I wanted to try it with a lower player count as I felt the police dont really need that many players.  From the title and the mention of police one might have already concluded that this is indeed a Jack the Ripper themed game.  One player is Jack who kills on a map and then uses hidden movement to return to his hideout each night.  The police (the other players) move their pawns on the map looking for clues to Jacks trail in order to find where he is on the map and arrest him.   Having read about the game, we opted to add a suggested variant (police pawns can move three but forego their search/arrest action to do so).  The first night saw Jack strike and then try to loop around towards his hideout in a bit of a spiral in an attempt to throw of the police.    But after the net closed in a bit too tight, Jack did double back a bit and made a more direct path towards the hideout.  The trouble was the area of the hideout had been deduced by the police.  The next night saw Jack strike a bit remotely to make for a longer trail (and to stretch out the police investigation) and utilize some inefficient moves to confound the police thinking where Jack might be, but again the net closed very quickly and Jack was cornered and arrested at the end of the evening.  Afterwards, we decided that the 3-move variant for the police tilted the balance a bit too much towards the police.  While it was true they didnt perform any search actions the 3 moves did close off possible paths for Jack as Jack cant move through a police pawn.  So for our next game we are likely to drop this and only add it back if game needs a bit of balancing towards the police players.  As the Jack player, it is interesting to hear the Police discuss their net and options.  Tim and Dave were very efficient and calculating as to where Jack was.  I know wonder if more Police would be just as fun as there might be some dissension amongst the police players as different theories might prevailbut still worry that a strong player could start dictating all the police moves making it less fun for the other police players.

      THIS WEEK:

      As I will be at GMT West at the end of the week, I am unable to host games this week.  Tim did mention that he has a conflict for Wednesday night as well As a result, I suspect this is a no games week and I will be back to host next week (which is also next month).

      -       Rich

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