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Host Needed - 30 March

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  • Richard Pardoe
    LAST WEEK: Four players as Ben, Tim, and Dave arrived for games. A perfect chance to try out MAGNUM SAL, a worker placement game set in the salt mines of
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 26, 2011
      Host Needed - 30 March

      LAST WEEK:

      Four players as Ben, Tim, and Dave arrived for games.  A perfect chance to try out MAGNUM SAL, a worker placement game set in the salt mines of Poland as players send meeples into the mine to extract salt and hopefully sell it for gains.  Players can also acquire certain advantages in the village around the mine such as additional miners, tools, water removal, marketplace trading, etc.  The mine itself is three layers deep and the game is played in 3 phases.  While nothing restricts the layers of the mine to the game phase, that is the way it seems to work out due to the increased needs to extract the deeper salt.  Victory at the end is determined by money in hand with a bonus for having tools.  Salt in hand at games end is also worth a small amount but one really should be as efficient as possible as salt orders and marketplace will usually pay out more.  Each phase continues until 5 royal orders are filled.  With 4 players, that means at least one person per round will fill two orders.  When we had finished the three phases, we tallied our points as (money + tools bonus + salt):

          Rich:   65      + 10    + 0     = 75    (5 Orders for 79)

          Ben:    59      + 10    + 0     = 69    (3 Orders for 54)

          Tim:    54      + 10    + 3     = 67    (4 Orders for 74)

          Dave:   59      + 2     + 0     = 61    (4 Orders for 68)

      It was interesting to compare the total value of the orders fulfilled and compare that with the points at the end Money gained is spent on workers, tools, perhaps marketplace trading.  Ben did a good job placing minors in the shaft and getting paid to transport the salt extracted by other workers to the surface.  Dave did well with the orders, while it seems like he suffered from the tools bonus it is important to remember that the tools bonus is only paying back a fraction of the cost of the tool.  Dave at the end commented that he had a hard time getting into the timing of the actions to capitalize on the efforts of others and then timing to sell at the royal court at the right time.  In fact, everyone suggested they would like to try this again.

      THIS WEEK:

      As mentioned last week, I am not available this week due to an off-site business seminar I will be attending on Wednesday.  Kris had mentioned a desire to try out High Frontier this week as he is available.  Do need a host to step up and provide the gaming table.  (That is why I am sending this out on Saturday to give potential hosts an extra day to see if the logistics can be arranged.)  Any one available to host?

      -       Rich

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