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Host Needed (or No Games) - 2 Mar

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  • Richard Pardoe
    LAST WEEK: Ben, Dave and Tim joined Rich for games and we tried out INCA EMPIRE, Z-Man’s reprinting (with a few small rules tweaks) of Tahuantinsuyu
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2011
      Host Needed (or No Games) - 2 Mar

      LAST WEEK:

      Ben, Dave and Tim joined Rich for games and we tried out INCA EMPIRE, Z-Mans reprinting (with a few small rules tweaks) of Tahuantinsuyu by Alan Ernstein and originally published by Alans Hangman Games.  The biggest change being the crayons of Tahuantinsuyu have been replaced by tiny coloured wooden sticks in Inca Empire.  Players all set out from Cuzco (in the center of the map) and gain points by conquering regions, building things, connecting their road network to built things, or going on a pilgrimage (which is basically a score for having a road network connected to the right thing (temple) in the right location at a time when it can be scored.  While everyone has the same set of actions each turn, the asymmetry arises from the playing of Sun Cards which are played between two players (affecting both) and giving some sort of benefit or deficit for the a time.  It is also a game of accelerating scoring as more and more of the road network and connections etc are built.

      We each started out adjacent to our starting zones, but all the roads started to turn North for the concentration of sites on that part of the map.  Dave did extend South a bit followed by Rich as well, but the congestion was in the North with Tim and Ben leading the way to the more extreme locations North.  Dave/Rich did try to spread South to also capture more territories.  We were just entering the final phase when we noticed that we had played through the end time for the session, so we did call the game early.  I suspect our next play will be a bit faster with a better familiarity of all the Sun Cards and a better understanding of the map and the pacing of the game.  When we did end the game, Dave was ahead with 128 points followed by Tims 123.  Not far behind were Ben at 113 points and Rich at 112 points.

      THIS WEEK:

      I am not available this Wednesday to host.  I am sending this announcement out a bit early so that if anyone does want to step up to host, there is time to coordinate.  I should be available the following week, so see you all then. 

      -       Rich

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