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No Games - 1 Sep

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  • Richard Pardoe
    LAST WEEK: 5 players again this week, but as the earlier arrivals waited for the later arrivals, I brought out ZOMBIE IN MY POCKET as a quick filler game. And
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      No Games - 1 Sep

      LAST WEEK:

      5 players again this week, but as the earlier arrivals waited for the later arrivals, I brought out ZOMBIE IN MY POCKET as a quick filler game.  And as luck would have, it as soon as the game was set-up, everyone was in attendance, so a 5 person game it was.  It took us almost two times through the deck to find the Dining Room after finding the Cursed Token And we needed a Zombie Door to do so.  But after making it outside, we found the graves relatively quickly, so spent a few turns cowering to heal before burying the Token for the win.  I do believe we were all at approximately the same health level so no real winner in the game.  Of course, in the rules explanation, I forgot to mention endgame scoring:  3 points for being alive when the game is won and an additional point for being the healthiest.  If we had played more competitively, that might have changed some of the game a bit more.  Quick enough game, that we could try it again at some point.  (Much of the fun the first few times in the game is the game function meaningless but fun to read anyway descriptors of the things in the game.)

      With everyone warmed up to gaming, time for the longer game of the evening.  Kern mentioned that he had enjoyed LEAPING LEMMINGS so with no objections amongst the others,   we brought that to the table.  The first moves were a bit tentative as folks seemed to want to move one or two lemmings at a time as safely as possible across the map.  Of course, a lot of action for the pellets early in the game as well.  Tim seemed to get the first dives in followed by Rich.  Dave made a move towards the end (or rather his more methodical method managed to culminate in some later game dives).  Kern had miserable luck with his lemmings who often found themselves in the open and fodder for the Eagles placing them in the Eagle Chow box.  A tie by the time the game ended, with Dave winning on the first tie-break (most dives):

      Dave:   Dives (4,4,1,2) Pellets (4)     Cards (1)       = 16    (3 eaten)

      Tim:    Dives (4,4,1)   Pellets (5)     Cards (2)       = 16    (1 eaten)

      Rich:   Dives (4,4,1,2) Pellets (2)     Cards (1)       = 15    (1 eaten)

      Dave W: Dives (5,4,1)   Pellets (2)     Cards (1)       = 13    (3 eaten)

      Kern:   Dives (1)       Pellets (5)     Cards (1)       = 7     (6 eaten) actually 7 as Heroic Return did return one to the map, but it was eaten also.

      THIS WEEK:

      No games as I have been invited to the Giants game on Wednesday night as part of a work function.  On the off chance that someone is prepared to step up to host, I did want to get this news out early enough to let others adjust their schedules.  (Though I did hear of other conflicts on the first Wednesday of the month as well.)  See everyone in two weeks.

      -       Rich

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