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Re: Invitation to Games - 9 Jun

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  • thedesign3r
    Nah, If Dave s not gonna make it... ( althought it increases my chances of winning)I guess I wont break up a two player rarity. See ya next time ..now that I
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 8, 2010
      Nah, If Dave's not gonna make it... ( althought it increases my chances of winning)I guess I wont break up a two player rarity. See ya next time ..now that I have more time.

      --- In trivalleygamers@yahoogroups.com, "Richard Pardoe" <RPardoe@...> wrote:
      > LAST WEEK:
      > A busy week last week as it followed the Memorial Day holiday, so instead of diving into new games, we brought out some older games for another try. The first up was AUTOMOBILE which was last played in the group last July 2009. The early stages were a bit slow as we all remembered the various rules, but they quickly came back to mind. As the factories raced around the edge, Rich could build the Packard Twin Six â€" the last expensive model on the right side of the board and more importantly some 6 spaces in advance of the next expensive model. With the help of distributors, modest competition and Howard, Rich could realize good income from full production of this model. This would be important as in the final turn, both Tim and Dave had to take out loans to produce cars for that round. Tim had also expanded his Dodge Four factory so would need produce a minimum of 10 cars if he produced anything from that factory. Too high of a production would lead to loss cubes at game’s end:
      > Rich: 5420
      > Dave: 5120
      > Tim: 3740
      > With a bit of time left over, we decided to try RA: The Dice Game again as we would have a good rules grounding from the start (especially knowing how the Nile/flood choice worked.) Rich did race up the Nile track as that is how the rolls seemed to go and was holding his score quite well. Tim seemed to fall behind in the first epoch, but a key disaster (which he directed at the Nile track) in the third epoch helped Tim to catch up and prevent Rich from scoring more flood points. Dave and Tim were well positioned on the monument track but by virtue of a few more columns, Dave managed to secure the win:
      > Dave: 33
      > Tim: 31
      > Rich: 21
      > THIS WEEK:
      > As we wrapped up last week, Dave indicated he had a conflict with games this week and would not be able to attend. Tim also eyed my copy of Horus Heresy. So if only Tim can make it â€" 2P games it shall be, Horus Heresy in particular. If someone wants to join us as a third (or forth or more), please let us know and we can adjust to a different game for Wednesday night…..so let me ask: Anyone else likely to attend:
      > GAMES:
      > ***************************************
      > Wednesday Night, 18:30 to ~21:00
      > My house in San Ramon
      > (Contact me off-list if you need directions)
      > ***************************************
      > - Rich
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