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Re: Invitation to Games - 31 March

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  • Dave
    I ll be there. See you all then. Dave
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 30, 2010
      I'll be there. See you all then.


      --- In trivalleygamers@yahoogroups.com, "Richard Pardoe" <RPardoe@...> wrote:
      > LAST WEEK:
      > Of the games suggested last week, we did jump into Z-Man’s WAR OF THE ROSES with three players. On a turn, a subset of the total control areas (churches, bishops, ships, ports, nobles, village, castles, etc) are offered for choice. Players select the ones they want then plan their turn in an effort to gain control in some of the 6 regions of England â€" scoring VPs for areas where they can muster control. Rich jumped into an early lead with his control in Wales and middle England. And this lead continued for the next few rounds. But the game has a nasty catch-up mechanism wherein a player can get additional money (once per game) based on how far behind they are. By the third round, Tim and Dave used this French Aid to gain additional income and make their move for control. Dave managed to gain the lead in the fourth round (emphasizing and consolidating his power in the north). But in the final turn, it was Tim that consolidated his claims in the south to gain the victory while Rich finished a distant third:
      > Tim: 139 / Dave: 134 / Rich: 110
      > This certainly seems to be a game that encourages aggression to take over what others have controlled. The French Aid is even more helpful as it helps bribe others to your side, so a game where one doesn’t want to lead that often but marshal forces for a final push at games end. A very interesting game that played very quickly for us (two hours including rules).
      > With some time left, Rich brought out CAN’T STOP for a quick night cap. A race up the columns with Dave capping the 10 column first. Tim quickly followed by capping the 8. Dave then capped the 10 and was one column from victory while Rich struggled to get started. Tim then managed the nice double cap of the 12 and the 9 columns to claim the win. A light hearted classic from Sid Sackson does its parts once more.
      > Tim: 3 / Dave: 2 / Rich: 0 columns
      > THIS WEEK:
      > Looking ahead to Wednesday â€" I am still interested in trying a couple of Dutch Rail games (rail games set in Holland) â€" DUTCH INTERCITY (or) KOPLOPERS AND DWARSLIGGERS. I might also look at other games if there is interest in exploring something else. If interested in attending and playing games, please chime in so that I can get a good player count. Also if you have any preference â€" indicate that as well.
      > GAMES:
      > ***************************************
      > Wednesday Night, 18:30 to ~21:00
      > My house in San Ramon
      > (Contact me off-list if you need directions)
      > ***************************************
      > Rich
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