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Re: [trivalleygamers] Invitation to Games - 30 December

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    Unexpectedly short day! Will be able to make it out, cya there! R. ________________________________ From: Richard Pardoe To:
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      Unexpectedly short day! Will be able to make it out, cya there!


      From: Richard Pardoe <RPardoe@...>
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      Subject: [trivalleygamers] Invitation to Games - 30 December


      LAST WEEK:

      In the spirit of the season we did get some cooperative games to the table.  First up, Dave, Tim, and Ricardo joined Rich to paly the ON THE BRINK expansion to Pandemic.  We opted to play just the Mutation variant using a random mix of roles and events from both games.  We did seed the deck with 5 Epidemic cards..   We headed off to start our research and cures, but quickly had our first epidemic.  This was followed quickly by both mutation events next to one another in the deck despite our efforts to shuffle them apart.  But these were just modest set-back.  We did manage to get 3 cures (red, black, yellow) done and survive 4 epidemic outbreaks.  But the random events for the mutation had drained all the cubes and an outbreak in Beijing needed a red and a purple with no purple mutation cubesgame over, a loss for us.  And just as we were about to cure purple.  We did like the added complexity of the purple mutation as it fits nicely into the game making for a nice challenge.

      With some time left, Ricardo brought CASTLE PANIC to the table and Sabrina joined us.  The rules do have some scoring mechanism to see who is the master monster slayer but we just played to see if we could survive the onslaught and defend the castle or not.  We had things in hand for much of the game until the Goblin King showed up in the red sector accompanied by an orc and 2 trolls and we found ourselves weak in red.  Just as the hordes were threatening the castle, Sabrina drew a giant boulder for that exact sector eliminating 4 monsters (and 1 castle segment) to help us get the game back under our control.  With that horde quashed, we could survive the rest of the monsters and ended up surviving..

      THIS WEEK:

      Gifts have been opened and very little in the way of new games for me.   As I got mostly expansions (Dominion: Seaside, Small World: Cursed and Grand Dames, Power Grid: Brazil / Iberia) we could explore some of those.   Anyone else get something interesting we could try out for our last gaming session of 2009?  (If we want to end the year with the games that started the year Ghost Stories and Dominion would be the games.)

      So who is up for some final 2009 gaming .


          ************ ********* ********* *********

          Wednesday Night, 18:30 to ~21:00
          My house in San Ramon
          (Contact me off-list if you need directions)

          ************ ********* ********* *********


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