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Session Report for May 13th

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  • Sterling
    Tigris and Euphrates (Mike, *Jeff*, Sean, Sterling) This week we decided to start with Tigris and Euphrates. We each started kingdoms on the side of the board
    Message 1 of 1 , May 18, 2003

      Tigris and Euphrates (Mike, *Jeff*, Sean, Sterling)


      This week we decided to start with Tigris and Euphrates.  We each started kingdoms on the side of the board we were sitting on and started expanding.  For some reason, both Sean and I gravitated to Jeff’s side of the board.  Sean created the first monument which started a bloodbath as Sean, Jeff and I attempted to gain control of the three monuments that were eventually built on that side.  Mike meanwhile expanded in relative peace until he built his first monument later in the game and Jeff moved in.  Jeff managed to have a leader connected to a monument that it benefited from at the end of most of his turns.  When Sean and I forced him out of one color, he would make a move on a different monument with a different color.  This allowed him to collect a lot of points while maintaining the needed balance, giving him the game.


      I really like this game.  It has some unique conventions that I think add a lot to the game.  It has four types of victory points and at the end it is the type that you have the least of that determines your score.  This makes it so that you have to keep an eye on all four.  Concentrate too much on one or two and the others will suffer, costing you the game.  


      The “combat” also works well.  When two kingdoms merge and there is a conflict between leaders, it does not create a new kingdom that is the sum of the two.  Instead the losing side is devastated losing all tiles of the same color as the conflicting leader.  This can radically change the board.  As an example, I made a judgment error when I saw an opportunity to merge two large kingdoms and gain control of a monument to give me the green points I was lacking.   When I merged the two kingdoms, there were two leader types that were in contention.  I picked red because I felt that was where my strength was and the outcome would cut off the greens from each other, preventing me from even having to fight with my weakest color.  Unfortunately, Sean had enough extra tiles to match mine causing me to lose the fight.  This caused all but one of the temples on my side of the conflict to go away, removing all but one of my leaders from the board.


      Lord of the Fries (Mike, Jeff, *Sean*, Sterling)


      We try and make our second game much quicker than the first.  This is mostly my fault.  I live in Manteca and have to drive an hour home, and get enough sleep that I am able to get up early for my morning commute back to Pleasanton the next day.  So I like to leave between nine and nine thirty.  Card games lend themselves to this arrangement, typically being much quicker than your average board game.  So I brought along Lord of the Fries thinking it may be a good follow up to last weeks Give me the Brain.  We played two hands and you could tell it was a long time since any of us had played, if ever. 


      The first hand everyone started by calling complicated meals from the third table which the next person would then fill giving each other a lot of points.  Then the rarer cards started to dry up and Sean was able to start a streak of orders that he was able to fulfill, giving him a commanding lead over everyone else.


      By the second hand we had wised up to a degree.  We were calling things like small drink to begin with trying to give away as few points as possible, until Mike realized he had a monopoly on fish and started running with it.  I think he called Old Man and the Sea three times in a row.  I’m not sure who had the most points in the second hand, but Sean came out on top when you combined the two. 


      Well, that’s it for this week.  I will not be able to make it this week, so I will hopefully see everyone on the 3rd of June.

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