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Game Notes - 30 Apr

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  • Richard Pardoe
    A smaller crowd tonight with Dave, David, and Tim arriving for games. But what we lacked in attendance (compared to recent weeks) we made up with quantity of
    Message 1 of 409 , May 4, 2008
      A smaller crowd tonight with Dave, David, and Tim arriving for games. But
      what we lacked in attendance (compared to recent weeks) we made up with
      quantity of games played as we did complete three rather quick games

      SPACE JUNK(YARD) (4P) - David 7 / Tim 6 / Rich 5 / Dave 3
      Dave had printed Gilad's PnP game and had been interested in giving this a
      try for a few weeks now. This week seemed like a good opportunity to do so.
      This game has been picked up by Alcatraz Games and should be available as
      Space Junk sometime in the future.

      Players are drifting through a 6 x 6 space junkyard trying to find ship
      parts to add to their ship. The ship parts can either store, generate, or
      convert the raw materials in the game. But it costs resources to tie these
      parts to ones ship, so if it can't be connected immediately, it might just
      be salvaged for scrap (generating resources). Also in the junkyard are just
      asteroids which do convert into resources. On a player's turn, they will
      move up to three spaces - claiming one of the tiles they have traveled over.
      Ship parts are worth points at the end of the game, but open connections are
      penalty points. Then at the end of a players turn, new junk (a new tile)
      drifts into the junkyard. There are two game play options here. We played
      with the "open" space variant where empty spaces are pushed along. (The
      other variant - "vacuum" - has those spaces collapse if pushed into.)

      We all rapidly rushed to loot the junkyard in our first few turns as we all
      saw that the junkyard would get pretty empty with lots of open space as the
      game continued. This proved to be true as necessary parts were often pushed
      off the gameboard to deny others. David took a chance early to cap his ship
      at 7 points with no chance of adding more. And that worked as Tim, Dave,
      and Rich were all struggling to close off their ships. Only Tim could do so
      on the last turn when of the two tiles Rich could slide into the junkyard,
      he randomly selected the ending bit that Tim needed.

      So in the end, David's early closure did give him the 7 points for the win.
      Tim's luck gave him second place. Rich's ship was worth 7 downgraded to 5
      by its uncapped ends. Dave's 8 point ship only netted 3 points.
      Afterwards, we all agreed that the "vacuum" variant would be better with
      more players as many useful tiles were pushed of the gameboard. But as a
      light filler, I am looking forward to the published version of the game as I
      can see a niche for this game.

      PATRICIAN (4P) - Dave 43 / David 38 / Tim 27 / Rich 24
      A Schacht design is brought to the table by David. In this game, folks have
      cards in hand they use to claim the indicated territory on the board.
      Players then claim the card next to the territory. When all the cards for a
      territory have been played, the owners of the largest buildings in that
      territory (ie most cards played there) wins points. But to mix things up,
      some of the cards also have pictures of patricians. Playing 3 such pictures
      is also worth points at the end of the game.

      And it was Dave who managed to score well in several valuable areas to gain
      37 building points to go with 6 patrician points for a score of 43. David
      was next scoring 26 building points to go with 12 patrician points for 38.
      Tim and Rich were a distant 3rd and 4th respectively.

      A fast playing Schacht game, but one that I must admit wondering about as I
      felt I never got the cards for the bigger cities. As the game is play to
      cities in your hand then draw cards from those cities - one is very dictated
      by how and when the cards come out. So I left the game wondering how much
      of the game is "skill" and how much is "fortune".

      FOR SALE (5P) - Richard 52 / Dave 52 / David 51 / Tim 50 / Sabrina 47
      With a few minutes left and Sabrina wanting to join in, we brought out a
      Dorra design - For Sale. I enjoy this game as it is easy to teach and quick
      to play while still offering some chance for some choices while playing.
      And as the cards would have it, both the big house (30) and the small house
      (1) were turned up in the first round of bidding. Sabrina forced the price
      high and got her desired 30. The remaining rounds saw much the same with
      extremes being on the table making for some interesting choices.

      When the checks were arrayed, the first hand saw the $15K check show up, but
      Sabrina didn't play the 30 trying to psych the other players into playing
      their lower cards while stealing a big check. Didn't quite work as planned
      though Sabrina did pick up the second copy of the $15k when it did turn up.
      But a focus on the extremes hurt in this game as after that big check,
      Sabrina did falter a bit. Rich and Dave were the most consistent having
      $52K at the end of the game with a slight nod to Rich on the tie-break (most
      money chips). The other scores were close behind as well.

      - Rich
    • Dave Wilson
      ... I ll be there. Dave
      Message 409 of 409 , Jun 3, 2008
        --- In trivalleygamers@yahoogroups.com, "Richard Pardoe" <RPardoe@...>
        > Late and rushed to send this out...but games will be same time, same
        > place....

        I'll be there.

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