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Session Report - Wednesday - 24 Oct - Louis XIV / Flaschenteufel

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  • Richard Pardoe
    October 24: =========== LOUIS XIV (4 Player) - Dave (45) / Rich (44) / Jeff (42) / David (41) Dave, David, and Jeff arrived to play a couple of games.
    Message 1 of 409 , Oct 29, 2007
      October 24:
      LOUIS XIV (4 Player) - Dave (45) / Rich (44) / Jeff (42) / David (41)

      Dave, David, and Jeff arrived to play a couple of games. Looking in Rich's
      game collection, David spied Louis XIV and offered to teach the game to the
      rest of us. And an excellent job of teaching us he did. His first point
      was to always try to complete at least one, preferably two missions each
      turn as those turn into VPs by games end. And boy, did we attempt to do
      that with most people doing just that. Rich had some good luck the first
      turn as he completed one mission and then drew a hard mission on the
      off-chance his remaining tokens would complete it - and it did granted Rich
      one intrigue card per turn for the rest of the game.

      The next round saw Dave and Jeff accumulating wealth but they would have to
      wait for the right time to use those coins as several tiles had flipped to
      simple majority after the first turn. The third round finally saw some
      intrigue being played as Rich could take a few tiles thanks to the intrigue
      cards he was getting. The final turn saw David take a chance on the
      missions needing to gain some points, but with a 50:50 chance - he drew a
      new mission that could not be completed with the tokens he had...ouch.

      By the games end, we had all completed at least 6 missions, but Jeff and
      Rich had completed one more for a total of 7. Then we had to look at the VP
      chits and determine who had the majorities. Dave did well here gaining 4
      majorities from his 11 chits. David had also collected 11 chits, but could
      score only 2 majorities.

      Dave: 30 + 11 + 4 = 45
      Rich: 35 + 8 + 1 = 44
      Jeff: 35 + 7 + 0 = 42
      David: 30 + 9 + 2 = 41

      Close scoring at the end where Dave's quiet acquisition of the VP chits paid
      off to win the game. I enjoyed this game as it offers some nice room for
      decision making and is playable in a relatively short time. Good bang for
      the buck as some might say - whether that buck is money spent on the game,
      or the time invested in playing it. I hope we can see this game hit the
      table again in the future. (Of course, it was a great help that David had
      played this and really kept the game flowing with turning the tiles, moving
      through the phases, etc.)

      FLASCHENTEUFEL (4 Player) - David (84) / Rich (76) / Dave (72) / Jeff

      With a bit of time available, we brought out the mysterious imp's trick
      taking game. And this just wasn't Jeff's game as he ended up with the imps
      trick for 3 out of the 4 rounds. Dave took the imp the other round. It was
      Rich and David tussling for points across all the round with the winner
      being David at the end:

      Rich Dave David Jeff
      Round 1 11 -13 15 15
      Round 2 16 46 15 -11
      Round 3 35 11 32 -12
      Round 4 14 28 22 - 9

      So a good night to learn games as the beginner's seemed to do well in each
      of the games played (well, with the exception of Jeff's disastrous night at
      Flaschenteufel.) Still, a nice mix of 4P games.

      While I won't be hosting this week, hope we can again enjoy games next week.

      See you then,

    • Dave Wilson
      ... I ll be there. Dave
      Message 409 of 409 , Jun 3, 2008
        --- In trivalleygamers@yahoogroups.com, "Richard Pardoe" <RPardoe@...>
        > Late and rushed to send this out...but games will be same time, same
        > place....

        I'll be there.

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