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Re: [trivalleygamers] Conditional Invitation - Games - Wednesday - 03 Oct

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  • J C Lawrence
    On Sat, 29 Sep 2007 22:10:32 -0700 ... If there s interest I ve a prototype that has been getting great response in local playtests (gamesday, SVB,BAP etc)
    Message 1 of 409 , Sep 29 10:54 PM
      On Sat, 29 Sep 2007 22:10:32 -0700
      Richard Pardoe <RPardoe@...> wrote:

      > My own limitation is that I can only do games once a week, so for me,
      > it is an either Alameda or Wednesday night gaming situation this
      > coming week.

      If there's interest I've a prototype that has been getting great
      response in local playtests (gamesday, SVB,BAP etc) with great
      willingness for repeat plays that I'd like to try out with you: 'Ohana
      Proa. You can read about the development of the game, get a copy of the
      full rules and see pictures of the board at the BGDF blog I've been
      using during development:


      Ideally we'd need 4 players and about 150 minutes to play. (The game
      stretches to 3 and 5 players but those extremes are less tested) As for
      what the game is like? That's tough to describe. It is a
      pick-up-and-deliver game but the primary focus of the majority of the
      game is getting ahead by improving other player's positions. How can
      you win when the best thing you can do is score buy making someone
      else's position even better than it is now? It is also much more of a
      game of managing income rates and gift-giving than empire/position
      building. I don't think it is like much else though I credit the
      following games for their inspiration (none for more than about 2% of
      the game):

      Age of Steam
      Lancashire Railways
      Medieval Merchant
      Quo Vadis
      Stephenson's Rocket


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    • Dave Wilson
      ... I ll be there. Dave
      Message 409 of 409 , Jun 3, 2008
        --- In trivalleygamers@yahoogroups.com, "Richard Pardoe" <RPardoe@...>
        > Late and rushed to send this out...but games will be same time, same
        > place....

        I'll be there.

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