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RE: [trivalleygamers] Session Report- Games - Wednesday - 11 Apr

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  • Richard Pardoe
    Thanks for the comments, I do appreciate any perspective others want to add to our games played. I will incorporate them when I upload the report to
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 12, 2007
      Thanks for the comments, I do appreciate any perspective others want to add
      to our games played. I will incorporate them when I upload the report to
      BoardGameGeek (as well as correct out any errors I made).

      - Rich

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      A couple of comments. First on Diamant:

      >Totting up the gems:
      >Sabrina: 23
      >Ben: 21
      >Lawrence: 20
      >Dave 3: 17
      >Jen: 12
      >Dave 1: 7
      >Rich: 5
      >Dave 2: 0
      >Playing with eight players is interesting. The key with such a large
      >group is knowing and guessing when to flee as one is more likely to
      >grab a handful more jewels than exploring tile by tile. The top
      >scorers all fled gaining good bonuses. The bottom players either fled
      >with a large group or just pushed their luck too far and failed.
      The other strategy that could work is the one I was trying - press on into a
      mine as the last man standing and hope for a big payoff that doesn't need to
      be shared with anyone else. This is clearly a high-variance game. In that
      4th mine, I was waiting for one more big card - an 11 or better - before
      bailing. Had it come, I would have easily coasted into the win with at
      least 29 gems. Instead, I got zippo. Another aspect of this game is the
      way that initial strategies seem to be self-reinforcing. If you cash out
      small early while others are busting out, you can afford to keep cashing out
      safely - this is basically the strategy that Sabrina followed to great
      success in our game. On the other hand, if you have taken bigger risks and
      lost, you need to take even bigger risks in subsequent mines in order to get
      back in the game. Only if someone does cash out big would these
      considerations reverse. By the 5th mine, I knew my only chance to place
      decently was to be the last man out successfully.

      On Formula De:

      >Lawrence, Ben, and Dave 2 were having a hard time of it all race long.
      >2 seemed to develop a particular skill of rolling for the curves and
      >ending up just 1 space short necessitating a shift down or brake/tire
      >wear to avoid speeding through the curves. Lawrence had been lagging
      >the entire race, but picked up momentum as he came to "S" de la Piscine
      >managing to pass ahead after trailing Ben and Dave 2 for much of the
      >race. One side effect of Dave
      >3 driving in traffic was that he kept colliding with other cars. As a
      >result, as he was exiting La Rascasse, Lawrence came up next to Dave 3
      >- triggering another minor bump, but the critical one on Dave 3's car
      >as it had too much damage to continue. Ben raced through "S" de la
      >Piscine but too fast, ending up 5 spaces past (no brakes left) with 5
      >tires left - he spun out just before La Rascasse. Having to gear up
      >from 1st, allowed Lawrence to finally pass Ben and claim 6th place.
      This was me (Dave 2), not Dave 3, who got forced out due to collision
      damage. Three 1s on a 20-sided die in the first lap! Oh well.

      Dave Wallace (Dave 2, above).

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