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Session Report for Dec 30

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  • Sterling Wright
    Decided to try the style suggested by Mark for this report. Any thoughts, suggestions will be appreciated. I m going to rate games using the standard A-F
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 7, 1999
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      Decided to try the style suggested by Mark for this report. Any thoughts,
      suggestions will be appreciated. I'm going to rate games using the standard
      A-F scale. If anyone else wants to rate the games, maybe we can add it to
      the web page.

      Who was there: Mike Wickett and I.

      What was played (winner):

      Kill Dr. Lucky (Mike)
      Guillotine (Sterling)
      Family Business (Mike)
      Settlers of Catan: The Cardgame (Mike)

      How it all happened:

      Fortunately, I was watching Scott's dog (and place) over the holidays;
      otherwise, we might not have had a place to play at all. Mike showed up a
      little after 7. Kevin had stated that he might show up and I had a friend
      from work who was going to try and make it. So we decided to start with
      something quick while we waited. Mike pulled out Kill Dr. Lucky and we both
      got our eye-pokers ready. Unfortunately, we had barely started when Mike
      trapped Dr. Lucky in a room that he happened to be holding the weapon for.
      I didn't really have a chance.

      At most ten minutes had passed, so we grabbed another quick game. We ended
      up with Guillotine, a card game where the players play executioners during
      the French revolution. The object was to collect the most points worth of
      heads from nobles, soldiers, clergymen, etc. Mike had a grand strategy and
      managed to take both King Louie and the Cardinal, unfortunately he also took
      several peasants which count negative points. I thought I was playing kind
      of mediocre, but managed to skip over the peasants and win by a few points.

      We decided to try one more relatively quick game and then if no one showed
      up, move on to something more substantial. I pulled out Family Business, a
      card game where all the players play mob families trying to take out the
      mobsters in everyone else's mob. This was Mike's first time playing, but it
      didn't take long for him to figure it out. A few well placed attack cards
      and if I remember correctly, a well timed St. Valentines Day Massacre all
      helped him turn my mob into fish food.

      Tired of waiting, I pulled out the Settlers Card Game. In this game
      resource management is important and has a lot to do with how well you do.
      I got off to a good start getting an extra settlement and even a city while
      Mike was working on settlement improvements. I became short of resources
      after that and I had several turns when I wasn't and the event die caused
      bandits to steal all my ore and wool. Mike was also resource poor through
      most of the game, but managed to work it out when he needed it, winning the
      last settlement race and finally building the colossus for the win.

      Thoughts for the evening:

      #1 - Kill Dr. Lucky

      This is the second time I have played this game. Both times I was less than
      thrilled with the results. The first time we had 8 players and the game
      ended up taking several hours (way more than this game should) and this time
      with only 2 it was over before I could really get into it. I like the idea
      and the gameplay, maybe I just need to get into a game with a mediocre
      number of players. Currently I would give it a C-.

      #2 - Guillotine

      As I'm sure everyone knows. I just love these dumb little card games. I
      would put this one on the same level as Groo, Lunch Money and Family
      Business. Wizards of the Coast went with a comic approach for the cards,
      giving the game a bit of needed humor. The gameplay can be a bit hard to
      handle. On your turn, you may play one card to try and get someone who is
      worth beheading to the front of the line. However, with a few exceptions,
      you can only mess with the people who are currently lined up. Thus when the
      top point cards are taken, it starts to feel like your going through the
      motions for no reason. Also with more than two players, it hard to nearly
      impossible to plan ahead a turn or two. In some games this sort of chaos
      adds to the fun (i.e. Groo), in this one, it just got on my nerves. My
      rating: C

      #3 - Family Business

      This card game has been one of my favorites for a long time. Normally, I am
      not a fan of the mobster genre. However this game attracted my vicious
      side. There is nothing like lining up a list of opposing mobsters playing
      an "Ambush" or better yet a "St. Valentines Day Massacre" card. With two
      people it's kind of dry as you only have one enemy to play against. There
      is no chance that you can gang up with another mob to take someone out (or
      get ganged up on). Until the end game, you tend to have ample time to react
      to your opponents moves that you don't feel the game is getting out of
      control. All in all, I give this game a B.

      #4 - Settlers of Catan: The Cardgame

      There are aspects of this game I really like, the resource management is
      almost as good as the settlers boardgame. However, this game is for serious
      thinkers. If your not quite with it during a game of the settlers boardgame
      your probably going to lose, but you can do well enough on autopilot. In
      the cardgame you need to pay close attention to your resources and what you
      can do with them or you are going to get hurt bad. I have found a few
      problems with my strategy. One being taking a card from the top of a pile
      rather than paying to choose your card. I just can't seem to talk myself
      into parting with the resources. Still I enjoy this game and even though it
      is nowhere near as good as the boardgame, I hope I can find more chances to
      play it. My Rating: B

    • Mark.E.Johnson@xxxxx.xxx
      ... Yeah, well, Mark likes it. :-) (It s not my style, actually, but one from a friend s game group near Boston that I like.) Rats, I wish I would ve been with
      Message 2 of 2 , Jan 8, 1999
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        >Decided to try the style suggested by Mark for this report. Any thoughts

        Yeah, well, Mark likes it. :-) (It's not my style, actually, but one from a
        friend's game group near Boston that I like.)

        Rats, I wish I would've been with you guys on the 30th. I hung out with my
        old high school gaming friends (and their wives/fiances). I brought a bunch
        of games but we ended up just telling the same old stories. Oh well. I'm
        still thinking of making it up north for the next Games Day, but that won't
        be until mid-March, now.
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