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Session Report - November 30

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  • Richard Pardoe
    Sheryl returned for another week of games as did Dave. Thinking about the options, we felt the icy winds blowing into Arkham, so set out to investigate what
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      Sheryl returned for another week of games as did Dave. Thinking about the
      options, we felt the icy winds blowing into Arkham, so set out to
      investigate what horrors might be afoot.

      Dave stepped of the train in the role of Jenny Barnes, rich Dillettante.
      Sheryl was found browsing the Curiositie Shoppe as Monterey Jack, the
      Archaeologist. Rich was resting over at Ma's Boarding House as Michael

      The initial mix of characters was interesting as Monterey and Michael both
      were low sanity, high stamina - suited for more physical tasks. Jenny was a
      high sainity, low stamina character - suited for more magical tasks.

      The source of the icy winds was identified as Ithaqua - who we remember well
      as the first Ancient One to defeat us when we first played Arkham Horror.
      One of Ithaqua's abilities is to strengthen the cultists to a toughness of 3
      (instead of their normal 1). As luck would have it, the first three
      monsters drawn in the game were cultists.

      But cultists are mere mortals...Michael or rather Michael with a Tommy Gun
      could unleash a lot of physical damage as up to eleven dice fell
      rat-a-tat-tat down the dice tower. Having gained clue tokens, Michael was
      the first to plunge into the other worlds - first via location encounter to
      the Dreamlands (to meet and defeat one of the cultists) but then
      deliberately through the open gate.

      Jenny took her bankroll to the Curiositie shop to spend her fortune and
      trust fund to pick up a spell and an elder token. While Monterery headed
      into the Black Cave, but promptly got lost in the passages.

      Having survived the Dreamlands, Michael returns to first close and then seal
      the first gate. With Elder Token in hand, Jenny headed to R'Lyeh,
      especially as the gate has a nasty negative modifier making it one of the
      harder ones to close - a perfect place to use the elder token.

      Having found her way out of the Black Cave, and rich with clue Tokens,
      Monterey headed into another gate to the Dreamlands that had opened.

      With the closrue of R'Lyeh and the Dreamlands, the investigators were
      halfway to victory. But the path forward would start to get a bit more
      dicey. Thanks to a Mythos draw - 2 Dark Youngs appeared on the southside
      streets. Not only are these a bit difficult to defeat, they are also
      immobile - nothing in the Southside would be reachable without a fight. To
      add insult to injury, a rumour spread about the "Southside Killer" - making
      an ally disappear unless an investigator could get to Ma's Boarding House to
      dispel the rumour. But they would have to go through the Dark Youngs.

      A few more encounters yielded a few more clue tokens, so Monterey and Jenny
      headed into Leng and Another Dimension to attempt to close of the next 2
      gates. With those tasks accomplished, the team needed only one more gate.
      Michael was without clue tokens and had spent his funds at the curiositie
      shoppe hoping to find an elder token. Out of funds, Michael took to the
      streets hoping to at least clear the path by killing monsters.

      The Hound of Tindalos also appeared threatening to move to any investigator
      in a location and attack. But when it did attempt to move, Jenny and
      Monterey were both in the other worlds "safe" from the Hound, while Michael
      was in the streets - not a location. Jenny had entered Yuggoth while
      Monterey was in the City of the Great Race. On her passage through, Jenny
      faced a Shoggoth. Due to a solar eclipse - no spells could be cast and the
      worst damage Jenny could inflict was 2 on a 3 toughness creature. With no
      way to defeat, Jenny rolled a single die hoping to evade the creature.....a
      5. Made it. A kick trip back to Arkham, a lore check, and clue tokens
      spent, the sixth and final gate was sealed. Monterey made it back also to
      close and seal a 7th gate just to complete the turn.

      So this time, we managed to defeat Ithaqua. Our quality of win was 21
      points (compared to a 4 player win previously of 22 points). But several
      factors made for an unusual game. Of the 5 or so monsters on the board - 3
      were stationary. Normally, this would mean a monster situated on a gate
      (which we had - Ghost and Hound on the gate to the City of the Great Race),
      but we also had the 2 Dark Youngs frozen on the Southside streets - blocking
      any reasonable access to the Southside locations.

      The careful reader will wonder how Monterey managed to get through the Ghost
      and Hound into the gate for the City of the Great Race. With help of the
      silver key which allows an automatic success at up to 3 evade roles. A very
      sneaky unique item and very handy in this case.

      The nice thing about experience games is that one player can drive the
      experience explaining the necessary rules as the game progresses. With our
      prior experience - Dave and Rich could help Sheryl along. This does have a
      potential downside in that the game can move along so quickly - or involve
      so many little things - that the new player might get a bit lost and just go
      through the motions. I just hope we all shared in the joy of beating

      Until next week,

    • reservoirelves
      ... I can make it on Wednesday, but not Friday. I can t make it tonight, the whole house is sick. See you sometime after we all feel
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        --- In trivalleygamers@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff Hammond"
        <j.hammond@c...> > I can make it on Wednesday, but not Friday.

        I can't make it tonight, the whole house is sick. See you sometime
        after we all feel better.
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