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3068Game Report for Aug 7

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  • Jeff Hammond
    Aug 7, 2013
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      Since Rich was unable to host I took over hosting duties this week.  I was joined by Dave and Tim for games.  Our audience was two Boston terriers but since they were too fond of trying to lick Dave's face they lost their "out of crate with company" privileges.

      We started by playing Race for the Galaxy.  Tim's familiarity with the game and usual good play led to a large win for him.  We then played Pandemic twice.  The first game the Researcher, Scientist,and Operations expert worked together to eradicate red just after the first epidemic.  We rolled onto an easy win by quickly curing the other three diseases with no outbreaks.  Our second game the Researcher was replaced by the Medic.  We had nothing but trouble with many outbreaks.  We managed to lose by running out of yellow cubes just after the third epidemic.  There was enough time for a game of San Juan which Dave was able to win behind the strength of a maximum point Triumphal Arch. 

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