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1TVB website & other stuff

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  • Mark.E.Johnson@pobox.com
    Dec 22, 1998
      Sterling, thanks for setting this up. I'll send you the html files for the
      old website after the holidays. Glad to hear they'll have a new home! I
      kept them up for a long time with the hope that Hans & Arlette would send
      some email, but it never happened.

      Speaking of old times like that, did any of the LLNLers notice Stormy Seas,
      the latest plastic toy-maze-puzzle for sale in the mall stores. This was
      the one that older LLNLer (a bridge player?) invented and showed us his
      wooden prototype used to devise the various maze-challenges. So he made it!

      Though I'll be up in NorCal over the Christmas holidays, there's no way I
      can steal away for a game session, unfortunately. I'm going to try my best
      to make it up to the Bay Area early next spring for a Games Day, however.
      Do any of you attend those? Sounds like they're a continuing success.
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