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  • Richard Fenner
    Attempted murder is right, Stewart. As an ex-copper, I hope the DA has the guts to throw the bloody book at whoever did this. Feckin morons
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2004
      Attempted murder is right, Stewart.

      As an ex-copper, I hope the DA has the guts to throw the bloody book at
      whoever did this.

      Feckin' morons <exits stage right, growling>


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      just had to pass this on

      Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 21:35:23 -0000
      From: "Jim"
      Subject: Road hazard?

      I came across this article and thought I'd pass it along.

      The reporter calls it a "prank." I call it attempted murder.




      Plastic wrap barrier causes motorcycle crash

      Posted: July 16, 2004

      Town of Waukesha - Motorcyclist Daniel Buckel was within 10 feet when
      he saw the potential disaster stretched across a dark and foggy rural
      road just ahead.

      Disbelief turned to fear, then anger, as Buckel's 2-year-old
      motorcycle hit a barrier of kitchen-variety plastic wrap that was
      wound thickly from traffic pole to traffic pole on opposite sides of
      Guthrie Road, south of Highway I.

      The clear plastic trap, which was 3 to 4 feet above the two-lane road
      south of Waukesha, sent both Buckel and his passenger, girlfriend
      Theresa Brzykcy, into a bloody slide across the asphalt.

      "It's appalling, and it's really frightening," Brzykcy said. "What
      was their intention? This should make people more aware that pranks
      like that are not as harmless as they seem.

      "They had done a pretty thorough job. It was wrapped around pretty
      thickly," she recalled.

      The malicious prank has Waukesha County sheriff's investigators
      concerned because other capers involving plastic wrap occurred in the
      town last year, although none was as serious as the motorcycle crash
      early Tuesday, Sheriff's Detective Steve Pederson said Friday.

      Investigators were planning to canvass homes near the crash site this
      weekend, looking for information that will lead to a break in the

      "When something like this happens someone always brags about it,"
      Pederson said. "If anyone has heard anything about this or any other
      incident involving (plastic) wrap, contact us.

      "Maybe someone had seen this happen or removed (plastic) wrap from
      other areas," he said. "We'd like to know about it."

      Last year, a number of parked cars were found bound in plastic wrap
      to prevent drivers from getting inside the vehicles, Pederson said.
      Plastic wrap bonds together, giving it strength and making it
      difficult to remove.

      Pederson said investigators were unaware of other incidents of wrap
      being stretched across a road.

      The couple's injuries sent both to Waukesha Memorial Hospital.
      Buckel, 22, of the Town of Waukesha, required 15 stitches to close a
      deep gash above his right eye and also broke a finger. Brzykcy, 19,
      of Brookfield, got a deep cut and bruise to her right cheek along
      with other scrapes and bruises. The motorcycle was a total loss,
      Buckel said.

      The 1 a.m. ride was supposed to be a short one meant to relax the
      couple, who have known each other for more than a year. He had just
      left his bartending job, and she was waiting for him at his family
      home. Earlier she had taken his mother to a medical appointment.

      Buckel said he was driving 5 mph under the 45 mph speed limit because
      the motorcycle headlight had shone on deer along the road and there
      was a slight haze from ground fog in the low-lying area.

      "I didn't see it," Brzykcy said of the barrier. "He braked so hard I
      figured it was a deer. My first hit was on him, which totally saved
      me. Then, I landed on my head (on the road). Everything went white
      and yellow and red, and I blacked out for a while. I woke up on my
      back, laying in a driveway."

      Buckel, fueled by anger and concern for Brzykcy, fought off his own
      pain and called 911 on his cell phone, he said. Among the first
      emergency personnel to arrive was Beckel's best friend, Scott
      Sommers, a member of the Town of Waukesha Fire Department.

      "I ran over to my girlfriend and looked around to see if the
      pranksters were still around," Buckel said. "I didn't see anyone.
      When my friend arrived, it made things a lot easier to cope with."


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